Hi everybody! So as the title may have led yoou to believe I. Am. Back. :) I had tons of fun in DC, the only disappointing part was that you really couldn’t get that close to the White House at all… My family must have walked like 30 miles while we were there. The best atraction we went to was the Arlington Cemetary. While we were at the cemetry I got to see the ceremonial changing of the guard, it takes place every 30 minutes. It was really neat, there was no doubt that the guards were well practiced. The only bad thing was it was like 83 degrees in Washington, and the Arlington Cemetry is, HUGE. I was almost dying of thirst when we got back on the bus, and to add on that I hadn’t had breakfast that morning, so while we were walking I felt really sick…The Washington Monument was also REALLY awesome, unfortunately we couldn’t get tickets to actually go inside it. The worst part was I was at the bookstore with my family, and we were in there awhile. I didn’t see anything that interested me until my brother had pointed out this book on how to protect yourself from zombies! :lol: I was all like “OMG! THAT. IS. SO. AWESOME!!!” :mrgreen: Then my mom looked at the book and she starts yelling at me saying I don’t need to read stuff like that, ya so that ruined my day pretty much… :( But, overall it was a fun trip, I liked it.

7 Responses to “I’M BACK!”

  1. And lastly. . .a dash of cinnomon

  2. hehe! i lke your blog!

  3. It’s good to be back! Thank you, :mrgreen: .

  4. congrats on your blog! coool!

  5. Welcome back :)

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