Meteor Shower :D/ Lionheart?

Did any of you guys get to see it besides me and mah friends? It was totally awesome, I saw this really big one streak across the sky it was beautiful! It was so worth staying up late, don’t you think? So if any of you saw plz tell me, what did you think?

Okay so I like to think that I have some good friends on wordpress and everything…BUT! One of my very best friends is quitting! Her username is Lionheart, some of you may not know her. But, she’s a really good friend, and I’ve known her for a real long time. She hasn’t posted in a real long time and then I look at a comment on her blog thats says she’s gonna quit. Lionheart please if you’re reading this don’t quit, I’ll miss you… :cry: besides we still have to finish our story right? *sad forced smile*




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7 Responses to “Meteor Shower :D/ Lionheart?”

  1. I saw the shower! and lion heart is quiting?!?!?!

  2. scizzorlizzard Says:


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