200 Views/School Rant

Hey everybody, it’s kinda of late over here by now. But, I just noticed I’m getting near 200 views! Cool hunh? Well, anyways not much to say..Lizzard is still on her vacation. So it’s been kinda boring here without her. :c I’m starting school real soon, that sucks…BIG TIME.  All the people at my school are mean, I don’t like them and they don’t like me. :p Ya, one time this kid and his friends punched me in the stomach in the hallways for NO reason. It took me almost a month, but I learned who he was. I confronted him in the hallways and totally told him off, he apologized…and the day after he asked me out! I was literally speechless, he was a real jerk too. The one with a bunch of friends who act all cool but aren’t. He only apologized cause he thought I was hot! I WAS SO MAD! Lizzard told me his apologizing was too good to be true, and frankly I was a little skeptical. But, I thought well maybe he actually meant it. Can you believe this guy JERK thought I would go out with him after he punched me in the stomach and than ran away?! (ya, thats right. Victim of hit and run.) I start school this Thursday…ugh. I really doubt this year will be any better. I’m bored….soooooooooo. bored. Help. Me. Cure. My. Boredom. Please….. *dies of boredomness*


EDIT: Did I meantion that when I was punched in the stomach and thrown to the ground it was when every one was switching classes? Yep, there were like a two hundred people in the hallway and NOBODY asked about my welfare or helped me up. They all just passed me! Not even any of the teachers noticed, I told my Language Arts teacher…and nothing. She probably forgot when she got home that night. He didn’t get in trouble or anything. I tell ya there is just no justice these days people.


One Response to “200 Views/School Rant”

  1. scizzorlizzard Says:

    LoL boredomness

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