Hugs for the Avery…

Yes, the lovely miss Avery has been feeling kinda down, lately. I hope you’ll be alright, it may not be soon. But eventually one day I hope you feel better, girl. So to do all I can do, please go to her blog and give her hugs and views. <3 And then maybe one morning you’ll wake up and realize you don’t have to cry anymore…

EDIT: Avery, I don’t know if this applies in your situation…but I found a song that always helps me when I’m getting sad. Here’s the link: 

NO explicit words or anything, it’s called Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk.


7 Responses to “Hugs for the Avery…”

  1. I thought you’d like it. c:

  2. i love that song now

  3. scizzorlizzard Says:

    yay! FRIENDS! LoL

  4. I saw the comment u made on my blog. It made me cry.*in a good way* thanks sam-e-tastic

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