Going wrong…

A miss Sabrina. She was a very close friend of a friend of mine. My friend has not had an easy time coping with the of Sabrina. She has had appetite issues, she cries very often, I worry about so much these days. She said she won’t even make a promise about living anymore, I try to cheer her up…whenever I can. But, I know that Sabrina will stay with her for a long time to come, and I want to help her on the road to recovery. She lived in a different state than us, in fact it was on the other side of the country, but still they kept in tact.  Sabrina’s friends are giving Katie a terrible time and blaming her about the loss of a Sabrina. If ever given the chance I would tell them off, FOR SURE. They were the ones living with her, in the same community, they could have easily played a contributing factor and could have helped her stay alive. But, Sabrina is gone now, she took a gun shot to the head a few days ago…and now she is gone forever……


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