All there’s left is…9.

Have any of you seen the adverstisements for the new movie thats coming out called 9? OMG I am so excited to see it! It’s is coming out on 9-9-09 it’s is has been the main focus of my life for the past few weeks, my dad said he’ll take me next Thursday to go see it! I was waiting for this movie even before I saw the televised ads on the tv, I’m such a super fan…hehe. I also know that one of the main characters has thier own facebook page, it has been telling us about the events leading up to 9, his name is….The Scientist, epic yes? He was a toymaker, but to the point. The 9 movie is based on an animated short created by a man named Shane Acker, it took him four years to make the movie working on it on and off. The 9 ragdolls have human souls in them making them, alive. Each one has a different part of The Scientist life force which gives them their strenghts and weaknesses. This is NO secret but upon the creation of the ninth, his life force is so drained that he collapses in exhaustion and dies.

The ingenious world inside 9 is ‘post-apocyliptic’ meaning that after a The Great Machine War the world lays in ruins and The Scientist and the creator of the machines that are killing off the human race, feels guilty about his actions. He didn’t know that his machines were going to be used like this. So in an attempt to write the wrong he has done, he attempts to maintain…the spark of life. He brings to life 9 ragdoll creatures using the alchemy methods that are in some of his old books, to keep this spark going. But, there are the machines, even after humanity ended the machines will stop at nothing kill anything, that isn’t one of them…so this clan of 9 are being hunted by these evil creatures. These 9 ragdolls have no names, they call and identify each other by the numbers that are marked on their back. Each one has individual looks since they were all almost made with different materials.

1 is their leader, he is stubborn and usually not open to trust imediatly. He contains leadership qualities that will prove valuable in this world, he carries a sense of pride and intelligience. He wears a red cape, a old lipstick tube for a tall hat, and carries a cane around.

2 does not maintan many unique characteristics (as in personality wise that I know of), but he has a vest that looks to be from a shoe with strings going in and out of it to keep it tied to his body. He walks around with a smaller cane, and has some sort of headgear gadget that he made himself, he taught 5 everything he knows. 2 has been known to be fearless, he is also an expereinced explorer.

Except the twins 3 and 4, they do not speak but can show people videos broadcast through their eyes, they are also very energetic and behave like small children. The material they are made with light blue-ish colored material with bright stripes, which over time has dulled. They also wear hoods upon their heads, they are the only ragdolls with their numbers not on their backs. They love to teach and show people things, they often send many hours looking through books.

5 is the one who most cares for 9, he is an inventor, he loves to tinker with things and make his own creation. He is almost always the easiest to trust, and gives it right, if he knows you’re not a machine he will display utmost kindness to you. He has also been called the mentor of 9. In the SHORT FILM his soul is stolen by a machine that the ‘Cat Beast’ carries around, the Cat Beast is one of the deadly human killing machines that wear feline skulls on thier heads. And in an attempt to avenge 5 9 lures it into a trap and is then impaled by a peice of falling wood. He is also missing his left eyes from a machine attack some time ago. The apprentice of 2, they share a special bond.

6 is an aspiring artist, his fingers are made of old pen tips, and his body fabric has stripes. <3 He is very expressive in his artwork, although he doesn’t have ‘a place’ in the world. It has been said that he doesn’t fit in well. He stays with others it is not a bad thing he doesn’t fit, he just sees the world from a different perspective. But, don’t worry he will find his place in the group soon enough. Another thing you may toice about is his left eye is smaller than his right.

7, she is fierce, independent, beautiful and brave to top it all off. She has an agile ferocity that has lacked in the others. She is indeed the warrior of the group and is the unique balance between all the others so far (so far as in: 1,2,3 & 4, 5, and 6.) She is supposedly the only female in the group, but it is also believed that 3 & 4 are also female. But since the only way you tell is their voices it is unknown, since they do not speak. 7 wears a bird skull on her head with feathers attached to it as a helmet, she wears it down in battle. She likes to patroll the wasteland and has adapted to its harsh enviroment.

8 is the protector of everybody in the group and specifically 1’s body guard. He is bulk and huge compared to the others, but unfortunaly he isn’t to bright. He would also gladly die for 1…let’s just hope his intelligience doesn’t impare him, hunh? He also saves 7’s life once with the help of 9 in a short clip.

And finally…

9 he is the only one of the ragdolls yet to have news of his creation posted about on The Scientist’s Facebook page. So no extensive info is known about him, but I’ll tell you all I can. He is the last of the ragdolls created by The Scientist, he comes into the group of others by accident in the destroyed world that was Earth, while he was exploring awhile after he was brought to life. He is also the ‘Hero’ of the story, 1 us unwilling to trust 9 becuase he just seems to come around outta of nowhere, also because he displays leadership qualities that surpass his…making him feel imposed. 9 also now a part of the ragdoll group helps aid in the destroying of the machines in several seen occasions. His body is held together by a huge zipper.

5 Responses to “All there’s left is…9.”

  1. Oh why thank you. c: I’m glad you think so, by the way I would definetly recommend the movie. It was fantastic Shane Acker is a genious for creating something like this.

  2. Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

  3. if you read that all, you will graciously rewarded thank you! <3


  5. Obermudawebkinzchef (Not logged in) Says:

    I know how you feel… there is a movie called Fame that is coming out on September 21. I really really really want to see it.

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