Why do none of you guys post anymore? I miss you and your insanity based lives, that you used to tell me about… I try to post at least every two days, why don’t you guys? When all my friends don’t post I get worried. :c Please if you can try to post some please? Yes? Thank you. c: The only person who seems to be posting any more is “Da Luffely Miss Horselover” thank you for keeping me updated and such. <3 But this also got me thinking about something…I just want to tell you guys that if I ever don’t post for a month or more, I am dead. Its just that if something happens to me I don’t want you all to think that I’m just not posting or something, or that I all “left you behind”. No I would never do somethin like that, NEVER. Unless of course I go on a long vacation or something, but in that case I will tell you before hand.

EDIT: We almost have 700 views guys! Thank you!!! <3

~ SAsammygirl

9 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Are you here? Elf Counsel? Are you okay?

    I’m always sad too…But please don’t make the same mistake I do and bottle it up! I beg of you try not to be sad. :c

  2. sammy, i figured out why i’m always sad. I have depression. ): I inherited it from my mom.

  3. I edited ur comment. That word makes me sad now.

  4. scizzorlizzard Says:

    I am sorry…I guess I betrayed you, too…Why do I even have good friends!? I don’t deserve them!!! I just betray them!!! I hate myself!!!! :cry:

  5. :D 700 views! <3 yay.

    I really don't like it when people post daily, I find it can be annoying sometimes.

  6. i still post, like at least twice a week. a lot of my friends still post though. most of them post everyday.

  7. i still post.. but like you said, i check other blogs and no one seems 2 post.. but its probably because of school and that will happen 2 me once my school starts but that wont be until a week or something :-)

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