Avery? / Click the eggs / 800 views!

Avery are you okay? You aren’t really posting and in a comment you said you figured out why you were depressed all the time… Don’t do anything drastic okay? Okay Elf Counsel? lol Please try to cheer up. :c

Help me! I adopted an egg, click on it or it WILL die! :sad:


~~Adopt one today!~~               ~~Adopt one today!~~                  

..Tritunzan..               ..Trishlazina..                 

~~Adopt one today!~~                ~~Adopt one today!~~

..Auroress..             ..Azure Marks..


PLEASE CLICK THEM ALL! I really don’t want them to die… :sad:

And on one last note…I got 800 views on my blog a few seconds ago! Thanks everyone! Remember I’ll be having a contest to give away old webkinz stuff when I reach 1000, for people who still have their accounts.


4 Responses to “Avery? / Click the eggs / 800 views!”

  1. dawww… thankies. (:

  2. i luv i so much (not in a freaky way) girl. u are such a good friend

  3. You dun desreve to feel sad, feel better soon. <3
    Ya, sometimes I tend to have anger issues…a bit to often as well. :oops:

  4. I’m……..I’m sry . I try, and to make it worse i have a anger issue lol i’m not sad rite now, but still. I luv u girl

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