CONTEST-1000 Hits

We have OFFICIALLY breached 1000 hits! Thank you to everybody who got us this far, you guys are AWESOME! c:


We’re gonna be having a comment contest here, which I will set up tomorrow OR wednesday. The prizes will be Webkinz exclusives, special items, and furniture. Which I desperately need to get off my webkinz account, so if any of you still have active accounts don’t be afraid to participate. c:


21 Responses to “CONTEST-1000 Hits”

  1. wow LL you actually gave somebody a link to my contest? you rule/rock/are good.

  2. Oh okay be right there.

  3. So I was thinking MAYBE a mystery competish…like guessing a distorted picture or something of that sort.

  4. Ya, speaking or which do you want to talk about this on webkinz central’s comment contest to help it out?

  5. Plus sometimes people don’t want to waste there time commenting lots if nobody is there.

  6. Well maybe you can help me decide, I’m leaning more towards a comment contest. But I dunno they are often unfair at times.

  7. I posted back on my site too.

  8. Yes, do I get an item?

  9. Oh, so do I get a item?

  10. It’s a contest silly.

  11. Oh, to who might you be giving these items too?

  12. OH! Yes, I’m actually on my account deciding what to give away. But I am having trouble re-loggong in.

  13. Are you still getting rid of stuff?

  14. haha, ya probably not. I only want to get rid of A BUNCH of stuff on there. Because well I never go on anyways…

  15. I don’t have a webkinz account if I did I would enter.


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