New Header/ Is Anybody There?

Tell me what you guys think of my new header as compared to the old okay? Much appreciated. Anyways sadly there hasn’t been much to blog about lately and that makes me sad, I suppose none of us are really posting as much as we used to. I really do love comments guys couldn’t you at least stop by a bit more often, please? I really do worry about you all, you guys are just as much as friends as any of the ones I know in “reality”. Hahaha, whatever reality is.

Tata for now. c:


17 Responses to “New Header/ Is Anybody There?”

  1. scizzorlizzard Says:

    I like the new header!!!! It really brings out the theme a lot more. It’s like a symbiotic relationship, between the header and the theme. Like how when bees go to flowers, the pollenate them and the bee collects nectar to make honey, so both creatures win. ^ ^

  2. Thank-you webbiecentral! c:

    Avery your parents shouldn’t be mad at you, there is a problem with something in your life and they need to help you fix it. They should NOT have gotten angry. Awww c’mon elf counsel you’ll get through I know you will, and I’ll be here to help you too, I promise. <3

  3. COOL ill come here when i remember… i have serious memory problems.
    PS i like your icon/avatar thingy

  4. Please come back more, I’d apreciate it. c: I know I barely know you lawl. But I would like to know you better.

  5. i come sometimes… btu u barely know me… lol

  6. Oh hi! Where have you guys been? I misses youuuu. :c

  7. hi sammy. I guess i haven’t been on either. just wanted to stop and say hi….

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