Oh My Goodness/2 New Buddies

You guys never cease with all your kindness and all that junk do you? Well do you? Anyways thank you all so much, about what you are asking? Well I was checking our stats this evening and we had 233 views in ONE night. That’s four times as many views we had on our busiest day on the 13 of September! <3 Thank you, thank-you, yes endless praise for you all. c:


To top off this joyous occasion I made 2 new buddies last night, they’re very nice. They’re usernames are Littleleaf32, preferbly nicknamed “LL” for short. LL have helped me devise a few contest themes for my Webkinz Item Givaway. Which will have it own individual page, I’ll post when it up and running. But unfortunaley I keep having trouble logging into Webkinz, oh well. Remember it will Feature Exclusives, Pet Specific Items and all that. And I have another one to add to my blogroll along with LL, they’re username is Webkinzcentral. She didn’t tell me what she wanted me to call her, but I’ll just nickname you Webbiecentral for now, okay? Anyways until next time, goodnight. c:

Comment Please, I reply to everyone. 

Fun Fact: Did you know this post only posted 33 min. ago got 109 views by itself in that short amount of time! Thats right what this post had originally stated was that todays high views was 103. HA! Just when I thought the day was done, you guys RAWK. And this thing has been viewed 111 times, thats my fav. number! :mrgreen:


75 Responses to “Oh My Goodness/2 New Buddies”

  1. ok, have fun!!!! i will try to check back!!! :D

  2. hello sammy!!! i hope you dont mind if i call you sammy!! ;)

    cool site!

  3. bad to the bone WC?????? wheres bob???? hehe

  4. lawl I’m baaaaaaaaad.

  5. I snuck back on! 8D

  6. My moms says no more computer times though. :C

  7. are yall still here mow?

  8. Are you still here?

  9. a cellphone eating dog is almsot as cool as a snail eating bettle

  10. What that page you posted on called Exhile Saga.

  11. Aw, well have a good nights sleep. ttyl

  12. I’m sorry I have to leave now for the night.

  13. Yea, it wasn’t a very good phone anyways since almost right after I got my dog ate it… :oops:

  14. That’s cool! I get it.

  15. Scroll up until you see a large amount of bold text and then read that please.

  16. You still here LL?

  17. No, I hopefully *crossing my fingers* getting one soon. I just don’t really know what the best phone to get is.

  18. oh noodles i have to go see yall next time on komo 4 newwwws

  19. No seriously uh thats really what happened. :(

  20. do you have a phone?

  21. proabably at+t? or verizon

  22. Oh, do you know what brand they use.

  23. Sammy if you don’t want to answer then that’s ok. How old are you? How old is your brother? What phone did you have? Was it good?

    You want the whole story? Okay here goes; I had a phone it was a Verizon brand phone, I got it for Christmas. But reality hit when I realized that nobody ever called because at the time my friend didn’t have a phone too. So then I was all sad. But then one faithful day my dog got a hold of it and ate half of it. So since nobody ever called me I asked my mom if I could give it to my brother since I told her nobody ever called except for her and my dad. And they hardly ever need to call me because I never go anywhere. And my younger by one whole year brother has so much more friends then my mom gave it to him. The End.


  24. MY friends have da coolest phones! i dont really want one yet, cause i lose things, and as you probably know i have serious memory problems

  25. No I don’t have a phone. I used to but nobody ever called then I was all like: “BWAHHHH! WHATS THE USE OF HAVING A PHONE IF I DON’T HAVE ANY OTHER FRINDS WITH PHONES!?” So yeah then I gave it to my little brother.

  26. Cool! Thanks sammy.

  27. Do you know what phones then have? Do you want a phone?

  28. LAWL look at both of you last comments.

  29. whoops bad speeling up there

  30. i dont, but everyone i know does!

  31. Does anyone here have a cellphone?

  32. that song is making me hungry cause it has vanilla in it. i have issues with vanilla :D



  33. You wrote your comment with no spaces.

    Heheh ya silly. Thats suppoesed to be fun, it incurs the notion that I kidding.


  34. Likereallyyoulistenbecausethatwouldbesofudgingawesome!

  35. Awww no worries, yes. :)

  36. coolill listen to that song

  37. Sorry, Sammy I left and now back so soon.

  38. You know my cup of tea usually isn’t stirred in with this kind of music bit I quite like this song. It’s such a nice song to listen to late at night. <3

    Not a thing explicit I swear.

  39. Cool! Thanks Sammy I read the post.

  40. Hey are you all still here?

  41. yah sure whatcha liostening too?

  42. Wanna know what I’m listening to?


  43. why does yourself ask?

  44. Thank you. :) Are you on youtube right now?

  45. Oh there you are! c:

  46. lol exactly! i like you picture thingy/avater/what ever the thing over |here_______________________________________________________

  47. Because it is a vile drink that turns even the most curteous men in to unruly beasts! LAWL

  48. Yah and the “why is the rum gone?” why why why why why IS the rum gone!

  49. LAWL YEAH!


  50. cool! so hi. have you ever seen the “Ive got a jar of dirt” video on youtube? its funny

  51. YOU BET! *swings arms around in a random fashion*


  52. wait! im here? cool

    hunh like for really!?


  53. can you talk now? about importantly random stuff and stuff?

  54. YAY! You’re here! MY BUDDEHS HERE! lawl

  55. Dawww! You can be mah new buddy too! It’s just we never really had a chance to talk a lot have we? But I just finished a nice conversation with LL. c: She’s mah new buddy, but you can be a new buddy too. c:

  56. hmm i wanna be a new buddy! its so sad im not a buddy.. :(

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