My Favorite Number

Is 111. I’m not quite exactly sure why it my favorite number, I’ve always just liked it a lot! <3 So here are some images with my favorite number, and by the way whats your favorite number (if you have one)?






37 Responses to “My Favorite Number”

  1. scizzorlizzard Says:

    my favorite number is my lucky number…13. it’s supposed to be an unlucky number, but i’m going against every1 else’s opinion!!! oh noes i’m a rebel! XD

  2. LOL WC. i luv smileys :D :D :D

  3. Oh, well when you get back?

  4. Can’t I’m leaving 4 my dad’s house.

  5. Hey, I don’t know if your still here but do you want to chat at my contest page on my site?

  6. But! 111 is my FAVORITE!

  7. Well I’m also partial to all the number 1-9. But that because of that movie called 9.

  8. crazywebkinzchic Says:

    my fav nunber has always been 8…although i am partial to 7 & 6… :shock: go figure


  10. i like 16! Its a KEWL #

  11. can you add me to the blogroll too? I’ll add you :D

  12. my favorite number is 8 :D :D nice and low :D plus it looks cool.

  13. really? Hmmmm neat. c:

  14. i like 17 for some reason

  15. I have to go anyways.

  16. Avery. Not webbiecentral.

  17. I’m talking to more than 1 person at a time. Tis hectic you know?

  18. Or we could stay here too if that’s what you want.

    OK, thanks!

  19. I’ll check it out.

  20. Do you want to chat at my comment contest?

  21. Oh, I see. I just posted a new post on my site like 10 seconds ago.

  22. No just a post made for fun. And to find out what peoples fav. numbers are.

  23. Hi, this a comment contest?

  24. I’ve always liked 72 too! XD Although not as much as 111. I think 72 just rolls off the tongue nice though.

  25. i love 72. it is a lonsome number. a very random one. thats why i love it (:

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