Rest in Peace…

Yesterday was the anniversary of a death of a great a man. The inventor of the short story, the madman of that created a world where non-fiction mixed with fiction. The poor tortured soul he was, and yet he gave life the tales of short horror, mystery, and gore stories throughout his 40 years of life.


He lost his mother, his first love, his first cousin, and 3 wives to a single disease. (Let me try to sound it out here) Ter-ber-cu-low-sis, is how I think you pronounce it anyways. But his first love died of brain cancer not the other mentioned disease that claimed the rest of the women in his life. He had the happy times to but they were scarce among his time. And even though his stories were fantastic, he often made little money off of them making him usually very poor. He wrote the poems/stories called;




and many more which are still remembered today. RIP Edgar Allan Poe…

(Comment are appreciated, so please feel free to.)


10 Responses to “Rest in Peace…”

  1. scizzorlizzard Says:

    :( he lost his true love… if my true love died 2 years ago when his house burnt down, i wouldn’t have been able 2 go on…

  2. Really? We’re learning about him this year. But I already knew about him.

  3. we learned about him last year.

  4. crazywebkinzchic Says:

    WOW i had no idea???

    and my x had that he was in the hospital for a long time??? the doctors couldnt figure out what it was???? hes ok now though!!!

    thanks for sharing sammy!!!

  5. He had a really bad life.

  6. So are we so I made this little tribute to him. c:

  7. OMG!!!!!! Were learning about him in school right now.

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