Too Much School…..Wait What?

I’ve seen many bloggers stop blogging here at wordpress, for one simple reason. “They have to much schoolwork.” I’m getting real sick of that excuse, is anybody else here? I have truckloads of schoolwork to do each week, but you don’t here me complaining or quiting. I manage to get on the computer everyday and get my homework done. I believe that it’s not that they can’t get on wordpress it’s that they have become bored and just don’t want to.

So what do you think? Comment and tell me please, I’d love to know. C:


6 Responses to “Too Much School…..Wait What?”

  1. i’m just down right lazy!!!!!! (:

  2. im still bloggingish! but yah i agree with u sammy

  3. Well most times I don’t think it’s because of the HW but many there just really really busy sometimes.

  4. scizzorlizzard Says:

    i’m not gonna lie-i’m just lazy and don’t come on wordpress much. ^ ^’

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