Sorry Samm

Okayz, so today I had to leave school early because I was so dizzy I could barely walk. Sorry I wasn’t there for choir or the walk to the bus, I hope you didn’t wait for me LoL. By the way, call as soon as you see this post LoL. Oh ya, and there is some good news! You know who is talking to me again and he isn’t mad at me!? OMG I am so relieved. But seriously, call asap.



8 Responses to “Sorry Samm”

  1. Sorry but I would like to invite you to coming over to my site to help me with a story the blog members are writing. Read the first post for more details.

  2. scizzorlizzard Says:

    maybe u can come over 2night

  3. scizzorlizzard Says:

    omg this morning his pervert friend had him come into multimedia and i see his reflection in the computer screen and i’m just freaking out because that was b4 i talked 2 him and wow i was blushing so much

  4. scizzorlizzard Says:

    *hugz* i’m so happeh he forgives me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL

  5. Its okay. C: Ummmm sure I’ll call you brb.

  6. scizzorlizzard Says:

    Now this post shows up!!! >,< annoying computers…

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