A Tater-Tot Issue

My friend got mad at me during lunch today for eating one of her tater-tots, and by the way she had a lot of tater-tots, and I only took one. So then she totally starts going off at me about how she is starving at her house cause her dad doesn’t serve “delicious food”, so then I said: “Well if you’re that hungry have my Granola Bar.” And then she threw it back at me and said: “If you’re hungry enough to take one of my tater-tots you have it!”. And I was thinking in my head “Pain in the ass…If you’re starving you would have eaten my granola bar so, LIAR.”  I was pretty mad at her, but then to make matters worse my other friend starting siding with her. Even though she took a tater-tot yesterday too. Ugh. My god, can you believe she made this big a deal out of one tater-tot? She was still mad at me at 7th period too, and lunch is during 4th..I swear people who make tater-tot issues are just weird people all around. I wish I had lunch with Scizzorlizzard, and some of you guys if you went to my school, ha.


Comments always appreciated.


9 Responses to “A Tater-Tot Issue”

  1. it is about more than a tater tot!! you need to dig deeper….i cat stay. i feel bad for posting a short reply, but i wanted to pop in!!!

    hey SAMMY!!!!

  2. wow, if your friend treats you like that then she isnt really your friend!!! you should tell her not to overreact stuff like that. my bff and i share food all the time- i tear off my pizza crust and give it to her, she gives me some of her icee or chips or whatever.

  3. i was here & meant to come back & comment & just forgot sammy??? :cry: soooooooo sorry!! did you & your friends work out the tater tot issue??

  4. Why doesn’t anyone comment?

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