Why No Comment Love?

I’ve noticed that you guys don’t stop by as much as you used to. Is it me? I really do love getting feedback on my posts guys (If anyone reads this). My views have seriously gone down, and almost no more comments are coming through. So if you guys have the spare minutes please just stop by when you have time, thanks. I do not mean to sound whiney either, I just enjoy your company.

Is there something you would like to see more at my blog? If so tell me and I’ll see if I can make it happen, okay?

Comments are always appreciated, and are never taken for granted.



12 Responses to “Why No Comment Love?”

  1. Cheers for the useful page – I had fun reading it! I always love this blog. :)

  2. Blogging has it’s ups and downs. One down is that it takes alot of time. Another is finding someone to read it. Even a single visitor is alot and should be appriciated.

  3. Hey Avery I was wondering could I work at your blog? You are gone so often you know I could manage upkeep and such. What do you think?

  4. HI Avery! lol I prefer Sammy Hammy. Hahahahaaa…

  5. sry sammy banna-y (????)

  6. Id kinda like webkinz news!:D

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