My Computer Is Back/My Birthday

Isn’t that just wonderful? My computer is finally back, got it home on Wednesday but I wasn’t her so I couldn’t get on the internet. It took two whole weeks to fix maybe three, I stopped counting after a while. Anyways, my birthday is on Sunday. I am having a party with ScizzorLizzard and our other friend Katie at my house. Oh and I specifically requested a pinata just so we could mercilessly beat something with a stick at my party. C:

I mean how many thing can you repeatedly hit with a stick and not get in trouble for? How many I ask you, how many? It is gonna be fun I can assure, my mom went up to the mall and got me a cookie cake, and we’re gonna have other fun party stuff, YAY! I’m happy. I wonder what I’m gonna get for my birthday? I must bid you all farewell now because I am going to skip off and think about the free stuff I’m gonna get just for being older. Okay, bye.


4 Responses to “My Computer Is Back/My Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday!! I know it’s early but still…

  2. Aw you should have told me! Happy late birthday. C:

  3. and my party is on saturday :D i can’t wait :D :D

  4. happy early bday! so it is on the 22nd!! mine was on the 12th :D

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