I Got Complaints…

My mother has just been terrible these past few days. In the morning she constantly yells at me for doing things I don’t even notice until she points it out, I hate this. It’s not the first time she has gotten angry at me for being the way I am. One time I was coming down the stairs a few weeks ago and she starts yelling at me to stop getting on the internet to talk to you guys and I quote:

“…Go make some friends! I am sick of you looking miserable all the time, BE HAPPY!” And I am really quite a happy girl…one time I forgot to tell her goodbye before going to school and she started yelling at me because of that, she even used words that I don’t think even exist to insult me in some way or other.

This is EXACTLY what my pinata looks like, I was hoping for more of an animal shaped kinda thing. Beating flowers isn’t as fun as beating a donkey.



4 Responses to “I Got Complaints…”

  1. Ah! nuuuuu mah ribs! xD

  2. Hi Avery, can I has hug? Cause my Emo corner is kinda overused. :C

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwww sammy!!!

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