Star Wars in Concert!

I TOTALLY had such an awesome time last night! My dad to me to Star Wars in Concert and it was awesome! So basically you sit in your chair and they go through the entire movie storyline, and they had a LIVE orchestra play all the music from the Star Wars movies. Me and my Dad went and he got us second row tickets, it was part of my birthday present. Although the weird thing was is I saw my math teacher there…ya, apparently her husband is a huge fan of Star Wars. Who knew?  x) And the best part was they had original costumes and props from ALL the movies. It was to cool to speak having only a thin piece of glass separating me from C-3PO, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Chewbacca. C:


And guess who was narrating the entire performance? The man who played the iconed golden protocol droid….Anthony Daniels! Can you believe it? The guy who played C-3P0 was there narrating the story, and I got my picture taken with a storm trooper. 8D Ya I know, none of you probably knew I was a Star Wars fan hunh? Probably not even Scizzorlizzard, my best friend. Ha ha. Here’s a picture from the show I found online:

Comments are always appreciated.


5 Responses to “Star Wars in Concert!”

  1. One of the best series ever. C:

  2. This is my dad’s favorite movie.
    I haven’t seen the movie in a awhile. :)

  3. LOL no way! Well make sure to tell her I put in a good word! Take my word for it it was one of the coolest things I had ever been to! CB


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