Prize Update-Hey Guys

 You are 11:59 a.m.
Your HALO is your voice
ExampleSent   Example= Not Sent
Avery’s Prizes: Paw Print Fireplace, Icy Ocean Bathtub, Strike-A-Posing Plant, Large Pane Window, and Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy.
Kittykat12’s Prizes: Pawprint Dining Table, Lizard Lounge ChairSpots N’ Dots TV, Haunted Painting, Toadstool Table, and Framed Winter Scene.
Littleleaf32’s Prizes: Rockin’ Croc Swamp Storage, Acorn Barbecue, Cat Trick Trampoline, Retriever Treadmill, Milk Carton Fridge, Apple Pie Bed,  FlowerPower BedJellybean Tree, Undersea Porthole, Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair, and Strawberry Jiggle Tort.
Webkinzcentral’s Prizes: Stylish Siamese Sette, Sparkle Plant, YangYin Blossom, Circle of Friends Topiary, Webkinz W Pond, Potted Elm Tree, and Christmas Tree Hat.
AmberFireFeather’s Prizes: Elephant’s Travel Trunk, Far North Sleigh, Farm Tractor, Night At The Movies Bed, Potted Icicle Tree, Gladiator Helmet, and Stikagoo Cake.
Cheekiemonkie444’s Prizes: Schnauzer Jalopy, Counting Sheep Machine, Cukoo Cat Clock, Webkinz Theme Music Box, Googles Ice Sculpture, and MaskCool Chipmunk .
Umph’s PrizesShell Racer, Yeti Mountain Window, Dex Dangerous Space Fighter, Neon Plant, Wading Pool, and Peppermint Snowflake.
Kinlover98’s Prizes: Bakin’ Snake Stove, Frozen Pond, and an apology. Sorry for the lack of prizes, they were all chosen at random.


Paw Print Fireplace-Avery
Pawprint Dining Table-KittyKat12 (Christmascats541)
Rockin’ Croc Swamp Storage-Littleleaf32
Acorn Barbecue-Littleleaf32
Icy Ocean Bathtub-Avery
Stylish Siamese Sette-Webkinzcentral
Elephant’s Travel Trunk-AmberFireFeather
Cat Trick Trampoline-Littleleaf32
Schnauzer Jalopy-Cheekiemonkie444
Shell Racer-Umph
Retriever Treadmill-Littleleaf32
Lizard Lounge Chair-Kittykat12 (Christmascats541)
Bakin’ Snake Stove-Kinzlover98
Yeti Mountain Window-Umph
Far North Sleigh-AmberFireFeather
Counting Sheep Machine-Cheekiemonkie444
Milk Carton Fridge-Littleleaf32
Spots N’ Dots TV-Kittykat12 (Christmascats541)
Frozen Pond-Kinzlover98

Apple Pie Bed-Littleleaf32
Flower Power Bed-Littleleaf32
Strike-A-Posing Plant-Avery
Sparkle Plant-Webkinzcentral
Cukoo Cat Clock-Cheekiemonkie444
Dex Dangerous Space Fighter-Umph
Farm Tractor-AmberFireFeather
YangYin Blossom-Webkinzcentral
Webkinz Theme Music Box-Cheekiemonkie44
Jellybean Tree-Littleleaf32
Webkinz Totem Pole-Webkinzcentral
Haunted Painting-Kittykat12 (Christmascats541)
Toadstool Table-Kittykat12 (Christmascats541)
Night At The Movies Bed-AmberFirefeather
Large Pane Window-Avery
Undersea Porthole-Littleleaf32
Neon Plant-Umph
Circle of Friends Topiary-Webkinzcentral
Webkinz W Pond-Webkinzcentral
Wading Pool-Umph

Potted Elm Tree-Webkinzcentral
Potted Icicle Tree-AmberFireFeather
Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy-Avery
Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair-Littleleaf32
Framed Winter Scene-KittyKat12 (Christmascats541)
Googles Ice Sculpture-Cheekiemonkie444
Cool Chipmunk Mask-Cheekiemonkie444
Christmas Tree Hat-Webkinzcentral
Gladiator Helmet-AmberFireFeather

Peppermint Snowflake-Umph
Stikagoo Cake-AmberfireFeather
Strawberry Jiggle Tort-Littleleaf32

Comments? Always appreciated.



315 Responses to “Prize Update-Hey Guys”

  1. Ya, its for new years. Thanks. C:

  2. Sammy you changed your picture. Cool!

  3. Hey! I’m teaching 18 year old how to speak proper English.
    He’s Indonesian, but he knows a little bit of English. He also said he
    would teach me how to speak Indonesian if I taught him English.

  4. Webkinzcentral:

    What? You said you don’t even like reading about ppl’s lives. And you said you were 14 too, so face it. Compared to the littles we are old. I’m the same age as you, keep that in mind. And I admit that I am getting older, think about that hunh? 15 next year, doesn’t feel good does it?


    Kinda rude.

  5. older generations? you calling me an OLDER GENERATION!

  6. Just to clear about the “lives” thing. THE OLDER GENERATIONS almost always like readfing about other ppl.

  7. ya I kinda don’t like reading about people’s lives either but I think soetimes posting about thigs other than webkinz is a good idea! :wink:

  8. :/ It says I was logged out andrew…

  9. saammygirl, why do you have a diffrent picture? and why is your name spelled SAsammygirl?

  10. It depends what contest it is.

  11. I like webkinz, but not enough to log on often or blog about them. I’m just cleaning out my account so when it expires all my possesions won’t be wasted.

    • Wait your account is going to expire? Is it expiring because of deluxe membership? Because I played Webkinz when I was 6 and then all of the sudden my account got expired from deluxe membership.

  12. Sasammygirl, u don’t like Webkinz? Or r u just not writing about it?
    Also what did u get for Christmas? Also soon I’m going to start contest would u want to join?

  13. webkinznotes Says:

    Hey guys, go to my blog there is a contest there! check it out!

  14. Ahh imma fraid! I had my last blog for 3 years & it had over 100,000 views what if my new blog won’t compare! :(

  15. How do you get new viewers to see your site in the first place?

  16. I’ll fix it then. C:

  17. I put .con instead of .com my bad.

  18. Sammy do you have any advice for my blog?

  19. I’ve learned that I tend to be right a lot lately! xD

  20. Okay okay blah blah blah your right and stuff. Here is the link:

  21. i am 10:02 am
    sammy, i am probably not younger than you. how old a re you?

  22. I’ll tell you if you tell me.

    And to answer the second question:
    The way to get people to comment is to have something of some value to them to read. You have to give your readers something that they want, or are looking for. It also helps to have devoted readers, who check up daily on your blog. And in your case you might wanna post a little more frequently.

    But unfortunately, for me in my case most of my readers are all probably younger then me. You can tell this because of most of their mannerisms, and their grammer skills. But I will tell you that for my age I am considered very intelligent and mature compared to…others. I also want to take this chance to tell you that I am thrilled with your posts and blog in general.

    I’ve never had a chance to read anything like that on wordpress. Mostly because of its free, it attracts the much younger people.

    • I’m 10 years old almost 11 years old.
      Thank u for the information you’ve been a good help
      and let me give u a pro tip: most people that have blogs r usually 12 or older so they get used to reading allot of words. See your blog is good but u continually get the more comments from the same people. I started my blog on December 1st and I’m getting comments from different people over and over again. But my blog wasn’t made for the little ones I was mostly going for the teens and pre teens. But for some reason Amber got on my blog and started commenting.

      Now will u tell me how old r u?

      • Thats because you’re blog attracts people that only like to come maybe once or twice. I like the people who comment here, I don’t need random people stopping by. Telling me generic comments such as: “Good blog, it’s on my favorites list now.” and then they never stop by again.

        I think it’s better to have friends who stop by frequently rather then have cold distant people stop by maybe once a month. You say your site wasn’t made for the little ones, but for preteens and teens. But I made my blog for friends, it doesn’t matter how old you are if you have a friend in them. I’m about three years older than you andrew, but I still see you as a friend because on the web it doesn’t matter how old you are, but rather how good a friend you are to others.
        Anyways getting frequent visitors means that person cares, if I suddenly left a few people would probably miss me. As compared to someone who comes by and sees you’re gone and thinks “oh well.” to your absence. I already knew what age people usually started blogging by the way, I’m just the type of person who knows random facts like that. Are you calling AFF a little child, sir? And to answer your last question I am 14, Andrew.

  23. Wait, how old r u sasammygirl?
    Also how do u get this much comments on a little article?

  24. Can I have the link for the what time of day are you? Thanks and good night.

  25. I’m going to leave now… it is late.

  26. Ok, well just tell me if you change your mind.

  27. If you don’t want your figure items anymore I’ll trade you for them.

  28. Ya, I know it’s an hour later here.

  29. lol You know it 12:48 AM where I live? :p

  30. I haven’t on one and on the other I have. What was the item you picked?

  31. uh? Christmas gift?

  32. Have you got your Christmas gift yet?

  33. Sammy- Where do you take all those quizzes you always post?

  34. It only leads to a search on with your site on it *cough* retard *cough*….sorry my ignorance allergies don’t usually act up like this.

  35. Click on my name *cough* retard *cough* excuse me it’s allergy season ya’ know.

  36. Thanks for the gift today.

  37. Hey! guess who! Shhhhh (it’s Kressie) I made a new blog!

  38. Look I’ve just been very stressed lately with personal stuff okay? Family stuff. I can’t be on the Interwebs 24/7…

  39. YEP! Thats him, thanks again.

  40. Is his WW Username littlepanda123?

  41. I have a life outside the internet, and it’s Christmastime I’m busy going places and meeting my family for the holidays.

  42. Not trying to be pushy but when are you going to send my gifts today?

  43. Thanks for understanding AFF!

  44. Hey Sasammygirl I saw your reply on my blog and decided to answer there – I was very surprise this morning when I opened it and got the wrong stuff! Please check my reply ASAP. Yours, AmberFireFeather.

  45. Awesome site.
    Have u checked mine?

  46. thanks c: ….bye then.

  47. It’s ok I understand.

  48. I’m sorry but I’ve just been feeling exhuasted lately…

  49. OK, well that’s ok I just thought I would ask.

  50. Look I’m very busy okay, LL…I’m trying to get at least some of the prizes sent in, it has been a long day for me. And after I’m done shipping everyones first installment I plan on taking a long nap.

  51. Yes you did. I meant other than that.

  52. Yes, I just sent oyu then bean bag chair, didn’t I? I have several figures stuff.

  53. Do you have any figure stuff?

  54. Not able to purchase stuff from the E-Store.

  55. Do you have estore stuff?

  56. No any cars that I might have had were given away in the contest.

  57. Do you have a car collection?

  58. Anymore questions that you might have?

  59. thanks…and my webbies house has over 50 rooms all of which are filled with furniture. There are 5 backyard, and 1 treetop room.

  60. Thanks for the two super beds as well as that bean bag. Thanks!

  61. Like the wrapping you used.

  62. It contains 72 webkinz.

  63. It was opened on August 5 2007.

  64. When does it expire?

  65. Your first gift instalment has been sent.

  66. I’m NOT going to give away ANYTIME SOON.

  67. How are you going to give your account away? Contest? Family?

  68. pretty much. No to all the answers I’m not gonna give my account away. But I don’t log on enough for some1 to consider me an active player.

  69. Was uh nooo answering all the questions?

  70. It’s not entirely empty, I just picked stuff that was making my webbies house cluttered. I go on once in awhile.

  71. So you don’t go on your webkinz account anymore? Is your account going to be empty now? Are you giving away the account too?

  72. Thanks, so much again.

  73. Nope, surprise me with the other two items.

  74. No prob LL. I’ll send the first 3 right now if you want, anything else in specific ya want sent early? C:

  75. Would you mind sending the Totally Bogus Bean Bag Chair first?

  76. Oops didn’t see that last comment, I was making an estimate. But ya that would be 4 days of sending.

  77. Well thanks for all the great prizes that you giving me.

  78. In fact I believe you’ll be getting the last shipment on Saturday. C:

  79. But didn’t I win 12 prizes thats 4 days of sending.

  80. Well in you’re case since you got so many I’ll probably send them today, tommorow, and on Friday. c:

  81. When are you sending them?

  82. WOW Thank you thank you thank you so much! I am so happy! :) Thanks again!

  83. Thanks! Do we have to claim it or you just send them?

  84. I promise to at least have them up by tonight. I’m trying to put it all together right now.

  85. I know, I have just been very busy today…

  86. When are you going to send the prizes it’s Wednesday.

  87. Don’t worry I’ll add ya!

  88. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    my username is supercat108

    thanks :)

  89. Awesome thanks guys! C:

  90. My Webkinz World username is 23021997Gal. Thanks again!

  91. My WWID Is just: Umphulump

  92. It’s okay Kittykat I got it fixed now, got you up there too Avery! C:


  94. oh wait! I am kittykat12! back then when I commented the first time my username was kittykat12! I changed it to christmascats541!

  95. I told you my WWid is littlepanda123! :)

  96. my wwid is littleguy12345

  97. i believe i have you added

  98. my wwid is Valerie123778

  99. my WWID is littlepanda123

  100. i have to go eat now bye

  101. SAsammygirl hahaha ya. It’s the same as my WordPress name. x)

  102. what’s yours so I know it’s you

  103. Oh no problem, btw whats your username I might as well start getting them down now. C:

  104. Yup, but first everyone has to claim they’re prizes within 2 days of the contest being over or else they won’t be awarded because they need to come forth and give me they’re usernames and such so I can add them and then send the prizes (which will take a few days I know). And don’t worry I will be issuing out warnings to anyone who hasn’t claimed their prize by the first day. C:

  105. So I don’t get it, are you sending all of those prizes?

  106. Do you think the whole story is turning out good or not really, too random?

    • Random stories are awesome! C: Well if you don’t read all of it could lave you terrbily confused. Next time try having a more based story line. But I still like your story though. c:

  107. Oh thanks for adding yet again already added after you

  108. lol thanks. Dinos are always fun. C:

  109. I really like what you adding to the story.

  110. oh are you still here?

  111. Hr was suppose to be HI!

  112. Hr sammy I woke up ages ago.

  113. You guys know I JUST woke up!? LOL It’s 3:00 pm where I am too! I NEVER sleep in that late! xD

  114. Hey thanks I’ll maybe use one of them.

  115. I’m very excited for Christmas, I really want the manatee.

  116. This contest if fun.

  117. LittleLeaf-What about like…Woofsy? Curly? Something generic.

  118. Have any cocker spaniel names?

  119. haha I know right!? xD

  120. i love the platapus thingy1!!!!

  121. Thanks, sorry I have bugging you about it.

  122. Hey sammy. Want to add to my story now?

  123. I’m am now but I bet your gone.

  124. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    hey everyone check out my blog please! i just made a new post with photos of my mistletoe mouse if anyones interested

  125. cheekymonkie444 Says:

    well theres no chance im going to win this but might as well try

  126. Hi anyone here to yell I mean chat with me?

  127. What in real life? My story?

  128. In ww or rl (real life)?

  129. This story was made by numbers of different people so I could see why it might be a little confusing.

  130. Oh and do you like the falling snow?

  131. Yup! It was kinda confusing though. But I could tell what it was about, and overall I liked it. C: I’ll be posting a story I wrote when the contest is over on 20th make sure to stop by then amd read it please. Thank you!

  132. OK, did you read it?

  133. Maybe later tonight. C:

  134. I dunno. I gotta leave soon…

  135. It’s getting long, are you going to add to it?

  136. There more written on the contest 1 page, I”ll add it.

  137. Oh no. I’ll check it out! <3 brb

  138. Hi have you seen my website and it’s story yet?

  139. I would like it if people came to my site, click on my name for the link.

  140. Hi Umph! I stopped by but I was in moderation. :p

  141. You have some cool exlusive items! Eh, gtg.

  142. Can’t wait til’ Christmas! I already saw some of my presents under the tree.

  143. Ow, I’m sick. Bad stomache aches. Blech x(

  144. okay back i have a swim meet in about a hour

  145. Ahhh I’m trying to find Mrs.Birdy in the clubhouse but I just cant! :(

  146. Hey, AWESOME contest! So many prizes! Have you seen the Webkinz Beaver? So ugly if you ask me – but the PSF is cute.

  147. Hey there friend! Sorry you were in moderation. I’ll make sure to stop by, thank you for your comments! <3 You can advertise my contest if you want, it would help. C:

  148. Ah, so funnay. So funnay. Well, I gtg, comment back on my site please, er my Webkinz site.

  149. Have you ever seen the insanity video on youtube, by Makeme35 ?

  150. You see, I meant ”TTLY Webkinz” (totally webkinz) but messed up and said Ttyl Webkinz instead.

  151. Okay, I’ll give you a hint…Talk to you later, Webkinz

  152. I’m guessing you want the link?

  153. Just re-opened my Webkinz site

  154. i just finished a geometry unit in math. I like ti cause Im good at it, but noramlly I dont like math

  155. uggghhhhhh!!!! why I am i waint to be modded?

  156. (hey what happed to our story?)
    so one day the squirrel left and then a elaphant got in the man’s hat and the man thought the elaphant was…

  157. soooo I hate math. how ab out you? I”m doing circumference

  158. oh, why thank you. C:

  159. Great article, great looking website, added it to my favorites!

  160. congras oin getting 3000 views =D

  161. So will will each get at least 7 prizes? Sorry…

  162. No, I can promise you that each of you will at least get 7 prizes each.

  163. (are you giving all these prizes out even if we don’t comment that much)

  164. and the man like the squirrel for that…

  165. and one day thes quirell bit the man’s hair…

  166. so he just kept getting back in the hat

  167. but the squirrel was quite confused..

  168. yell and scream and kick him out of his hat.

  169. every time the squirrel would do its buisness the man would…

  170. and a squirrel who thought it was his home.

  171. There was once a man with a top hat…

  172. well… maybe that was wierd feel free to start a new story I’ll join in! :lol: lol

  173. how about us start a new story
    ok so ok so one time there was a cat and her name was luna her brother’s name was martina so thay ate hamburgers at fries king…

  174. Maybe this story got a little weird.

  175. which was causing them to have pink and blue polka dotted barf.

    (why did ppl start this anyways??? LOL)

  176. explosive stomach taco posinoing…

  177. (Please go to the contest 1 page. There is a story on there that users have been creating. This is what we got so far:

    There was a queen named jack and her crown and throne was made of Blue Jelly. Now that made her feel happy and glad! She loved the way the jelly Smelled. Because it smelled like cheese. Jelly that smells like cheese smells good but it doesn’t taste the best, so she made some toast. She tried the toast and it tasted like Sugar. So she decided to go to the moon and on the she made good friends with a Unicorn. Her name was the unicorn was a girl and she was wearing a shirt that said my name is sally. This unicorn didn’t have a horn, instead she has a cellphone that could take pictures of everything she ever wanted to eat like Bugs, those were her favorites. But then she saw a spider! When she saw the spider she jumped so high, she slipped off the cloud! She started to fall and then was caught by a handsome Fish Stick! But this fish stick wasn’t like the other ones because it had hair. The the fish stick asked the unicorn

    If you would like to add some more to this story please visit the contest 1 page today!)

  178. got sick because they had….

  179. The nurses thought the taco kittens looked yummy so they ate them….then they….

  180. really really cute.

  181. scizzorlizzard Says:

    tacos wich were also called tacos at the time that were considered…

  182. with bright green and sickly…

  183. The ugly kittens were red….

    (I have a story like this on my site too!)

  184. as they saw a amazing bundle of ugly kittens

  185. And all the nurses and doctors gasped in horror…

  186. cut open his stomach and get it out….

  187. that would bounce around inside you. one time the pear bounced so much that the ma had to…

  188. this one giant pear…

  189. who loved to eat…

  190. Does anyone want to start writing a random story I’ll start and we continue on….

    There once gold and blue….

  191. The page about you. The title should say: Magnanimous

  192. For some reason I can’t edit pages on your blog. I wanted to change a spelling error.

  193. soooo im on webkinz lol do u have a twitter

  194. ya know, breakfast for dinner? lol :)

  195. back i have brinner

  196. Woooo! 3,000 hits!

  197. GTG make dinner (:

  198. Soooo, I wonder wat i will win….. Sam, will you advertise for me????? Sorry to sound so rude!!!!

  199. Hey thanks for the notice to come here but please don’t advertise on my blog.

  200. hope i win good stuff (:

  201. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3,000 HITS!!!!!!! MORE THAN ME! LOL!!!

  202. Uhm…okay. Is something that matter? You didn’t call me plain ol’ Sammy like you usually do?

  203. um hey sammy girl…..go to my blog please.

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