Bamboo Tablet 3rd/Contest Over

Contest is over folks, I sent everyone almost all their prizes, except Kinzlover who would not answer my friend request so they will be saved for future plans. Isn’t it funny how we got to 4000 hits in a 3000 hits contest? Anyways I got a Bamboo Pen Tablet for Christmas and this would be my 4th try, still getting used to it. But yup, I made this. I know, not exactly a masterpiece, but oh well I like it. Not really worrying about you seeing my name, it’s pretty much just squiggly lines and its almost illegible anyways.

Comments? Always appreciated.


14 Responses to “Bamboo Tablet 3rd/Contest Over”

  1. I’m going to check on him.
    Be good Sammy while I am gone.

  2. Ya, I wonder how he’s been doin…

  3. Sure Sammy.
    I wonder how Amber is doing.

  4. Well sure, Andrew. C: And please just call me Sammy. :)

  5. Hey sasammygirl! Does this mean we are friends online?

  6. I like it. It looks cool.

  7. Thank you. I’m glad someone likes it enough to comment. C: I’ll check it right now, k?

  8. Nice picture and awesome speech. :)
    Hey I just put on a new post. Do u care to check it out?

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