Short Simple Winter Poetry

(should have posted this before or during Christmas.)

Drifts in the Snow

Through the wind that feels like frost,
You slip up you pay the cost,
Despite the burning white on the ground,
Instead of noise there is no sound,
From the stocking toward the tree,
Theres something there for you and me,
Your scarf flies off in the breeze,
Walk through the door with sudden ease,
You come inside from the drift,
To open up your Christmas gift.


Please keep in mind that I wrote this almost two years ago, I just wanted to share it with you all. We had to make a frame for the paper out stuff we just had lying around and I took this out and there is still a little two year old candy cane glued on to the frame! xD …I broke some off and tasted it, it tasted tasteless. Kind of like trying to eat a stale, minty twig. That is all. C:

Comments? Always appreciated.



16 Responses to “Short Simple Winter Poetry”

  1. Although to someone who loves the movie enough they might be oblivious to the semi-bad acting.

  2. There are some parts where I kinda wanted to laugh, but I went on opening night with my Twilight obsessed mom so I was afraid if I laughed I might get beaten up by the fangirls. xD No wait, I’m serious about that. -__-

  3. I checked on the post it looks cool. :)

    I should tell my mom about your experience of “Twilight Saga New Moon”.

    I don’t need my mom spending on rip off acting.

  4. My mom reads allot of books but she didn’t buy the Twilight book. She just saw the first movie and she was impressed by the movie. I think she got the connection with Twilight, I have no idea. My mom wants to see the new
    “Twilight Saga New Moon” I don’t know the connection yet with Twilight and romance. Soon I will be able to understand the love story between Twilight.

    You have a nice friend Sammy, can you ask her if she’s interested in checking my blog. It would be an honor


    • Some people think that the time of day known as twilight is ‘romantic’ somehow. I saw new Moon, out of curiosity to see how it would follow up with Twilight. It had really bad and cheesy acting, not the best movie I’ve ever seen…I’ll ask her to stop by Andrew. C:

      Oh if you haven’t noticed I gotta new post up.

  5. Personaly I’m not that much into twilight either. I read the series and it just didn’t really have any affect on me at all. But, she’s one of the first ppl I ever really got to know on WordPress, so yes she is a friend.

  6. Um Sammy, is that person a friend of your’s or did that person just find your blog online out of nowhere. I am confused, also I went on that persons site
    wasn’t as good to me. I am not much of a Twilight fan.

  7. I just put on a new post!

  8. Hi i am back so visit my site again

  9. We both have the same problems Sammy, I wrote a post about Christmas. But I forgot to publish it during Christmas or on Christmas.
    What’s the proper way how to say it? Humph… Oh yeah, Jinks! You owe me
    a soda :)

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