Andrew Irken-Persona

Sorry I’m leaving LIKE RIGHT NOW. I’ll type more later. Bye!

Comments? Always appreciated.



3 Responses to “Andrew Irken-Persona”

  1. Okay I got your first line but all I heard was bla bla bla bla

    Hahahaha! I think the irken style looks great :)

  2. Haha! Well actually that just about as manly as an irken can look if you draw in the shows original style. I’m glad you like the part about the poison ivy, I thought that would be a nice touch. C:

    Actually if you’re familiar with the fandom the irkens are categorized in it would be pretty obvious that you are a guy, not a girl. Thats just the irken fashion btw, dresses and boots. xD

  3. Brouhaha! That’s a good picture of me (even though it doesn’t look like me).
    I like it, you even presented me itching from Poison ivy. That was genius.
    It kind of makes me look like a girl. Darn! You humiliated me hehehehe.

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