Snow, Snow, Snow

This is pretty much what it looks like outside of our house. NO this is not an actual picture from where I live, I don’t have a camera so I couldn’t show you or anything. I got a two-hour delay. But, the dumb snowplows cleared the streets so no cancellations for me. I’ll get on later today, but the cool thing now is all my classes are 20 minutes long except for 5th period which is an hour long thanks to the delay. Talk to you all later, bye! C:

Comments? Always appreciated.



9 Responses to “Snow, Snow, Snow”

  1. xD nothing wrong with hoping for a miracle.

  2. I’ll always wait for snowing at my home! Even I know it’s so impossible!

  3. your soooo lucky! it hasnt snowed at all this year last year we got 1.5 feet

  4. Where I live ya, theres no way someone could have ignored it. It was coming down like rain. xD

  5. Nice photo, did you realize it was snowing today? I am going to write post about it. :)

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