All About Top Hats

Has anyone very stopped and thought about how cool top hats are? Or you’re walking down the street and think “Man, top hats are actually pretty awesome.”

 Well have you? Thats because top hats are actually one of the most enjoyable head garments that could adorn your incompetent skull.

Some would even describe nothing short   of a crown worn by royalty, and who is to disagree? The most illustrious top hat is to be worn tilted at 10 degrees, and no more than 10 degrees in any direction. George Bryan Brummel always had said: “The sign of a good dresser is someone who does not attract attention”. It was due to this man’s revolutionary statement that the silk top hat came into being in 1797 and made its way to the Netherlands from England via France. Although people already wore top hats in the 16th century, these were only recently covered in silk plush around 1797. The wearer of the first top hat in England created an enormous stir, indeed.

In January 1797, a Mr. John Hetherington appeared in the streets of London. The hat maker walked along, wearing a top hat in the shape of a stovepipe. And in almost no time at all a large crowd had gathered around him. There was such chaos that the ‘officer of the law’ grabbed John by the collar and summoned him before the court. Hetherington was accused of disturbing the public order.The London newspaper, The Times, wrote the following day: “Hetherington’s hat points to a significant advance in the transformation of dress. Sooner or later, everyone will accept this headwear. We believe that both the court and the police made a mistake here.”But even still today, the top hat is progressing.

New fabrics, new styles, new ways of making this old headwear idea seem to become anew with the coming age. But does this infer that you cannot wear them still to formal events? No my silly readers, not in the least. With the appropriate fabric , traditionally black with a grey ribbon adorned around  the perimeter, it will look as classy and cause the same amount of awe that it did back in 1779.

So remember wether its to look classy or look up to date on fashion, top hats can never look wrong.

Comments? Always appreciated.



4 Responses to “All About Top Hats”

  1. Thats because Abraham Lincoln did wear a top hat. :p

  2. these hats remind me of Abraham Lincolns hat, boy I wish I could talk to the guy. Nice article Sammy

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