Thank You All!

We breached 5000 views yesterday, so I drew this to celebrate. I might be getting a scanner later tonight, to scan drawing not made digitally. Still getting used to my tablet though. :p I also drew this to prove to some of you I can draw other things beside bug-like aliens.

Comments? Always appreciated.



13 Responses to “Thank You All!”

  1. It filed under WIDGETS in the themes bar.

  2. Congrads! Love the new header :)

  3. It just shows the themes of the blog! :(

  4. Its on the appearence widget boards on the WordPress site.

  5. hai glad to see you…
    haPPY five thousand views^^
    so you draw first and than scan :)
    hopefully we can friendly..thanks from bri :) :)

  6. Sammy, can you tell me what site gives you the widget codes to show the author.

  7. Hey thanks for coming to my blog sammy!

  8. This is the best drawing I’ve seen from u.

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