Contest Yo?

I think I should have a 5,100 views contest, I know its a weird number to celebrate but whatever okay? The problem I’m not sure what kind of contest it should be…

Any suggestions people?

Comments? Always appreciated.


8 Responses to “Contest Yo?”

  1. Yes but they have 10 second to answer their questions… Bet they can’t look it up on the internet that fast… Humph????

  2. Ya, but its hard to test ones intelligience on the internet because they could just look up whatever I ask them.

  3. How about to see who has the best memory and how smart they are? Just a suggestion, It would be easier…

  4. I commented as sweetiesfounder

  5. I wanted to go for something more…different or not so typical. More creative.

  6. poem, scavengar hunt, or a “secret veiwer” like secret santa thing

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