Contest Poll

I was going to put Comment Contest in the options too, but that would probably win hands down. The prize is going to be 1 digitally drawn picture (black and white, sorry.) And 5 webkinz items of your choice. If you only want one or the other just say so, if you’re the winner that is.

Comments? Always appreciated.



11 Responses to “Contest Poll”

  1. Aw what a shame…I was hoping for adjective contest actually… :indifferent: OH WELL. I gave you guys the choice. :)

  2. I can’t read ANY of that sorry…I don’t understand what language its in. :(

  3. I’m gonna ask scizzorlizzards and she’ll have the deciding vote. So it will be up soon. :)

  4. :p still need the deciding vote. xD

  5. Uh guys, its tied. I need a tie-breaking vote, please?

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