Scavenger Hunt Contest!

Yes, after days of waiting for another vote somebody finally chose something. And our theme would be behind curtain number 2, scavenger hunt! I shall give you all the first installment now:

1st Place: 2 Black and White pictures, 3 Webkinz items.-WON

2nd Place: 1 Black and White picture, 1 Webkinz item.-WON

3rd Place: 2 Webkinz items.-WON

The first thing you have to find is…

The date this blog was created.

I actually DO mention the date this blog was created somewhere on my blog, but where? And will you find it? Good luck everybody. C:

Comments? Always appreciated.


20 Responses to “Scavenger Hunt Contest!”

  1. You won! 8D YAY! I’ll send you’re prizes ASAP!

  2. ****** *** ****!

    WINNER! 8D

  3. nooooooo! i just saw this :( i really wanted to do it. being my idea

  4. It’s okay, how do I get the black and white picture???

  5. When some1 wins third prize, but you don’t have webkinz account so…I could take another request pictures or something I guess.

  6. Yeah I won when do I get my prizes???

  7. ****** *** ****


  8. I <3 bacon, bacon is most awesome. C:

  9. oh and i love chicken LOL so thats good. I actully had chicken dinner last night LOL

  10. LOL wat do I win LOL

  11. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! 1st place goes to Avery! 8D

  12. Averygirl101 Says:

    ****** *** ****!!!!!!!!!!

    WINNER! 8D

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