Happy Valentine’s Day

Have a lovely Valentine’s day! I won’t be on much in the morning so I’m posting now. We’re going to the mall and baking a heart-shaped cake later on this morning but enjoy~! Also I tried to make a pic that might fit everyone’s opinion on how Valentine’s day should be spent, 1. with your love, 2. hating and ignoring it, and 3. Spending it with friends.

Poem: Love & Valentine’s

Love is in the shifting air,
And not the scent of despair,
It’s a time be loved & share,
It’s a time to give love & care,

Give candies shaped into hearts,
Love that belong to you kind & smart,
To those whom you know won’t part,
To those whom loved you from the start,

Celebrate those who didn’t stray,
Forget them not weather cold or cay,
Because all to be said is to say;

Happy Valentine’s Day…


Lyrics to: Plain White Tees: Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)

Comments? Always appreciated.



39 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. hmm i never relized Andre was my valentine up there…………

    =^.^= MEOW ITS A KITTY!


  2. im not in the cute cartoon :( lol jk

  3. Interesting to say the least…but what exactly IS a Metal Snake?

  4. Well thats silly, but I suppose there are becoming less and less girl gamers out there. But I do in fact love video games. :mrgreen: I just never write about them.

  5. One of your best friends online or just an average friend??
    Sammy, I have a friend called Alex, he’s 12 turning 13 he has been seeing the blog stuff I do and now he wants a blog. He’s going to give me a call and tell me when he hooks it up. Meanwhile in the future will you visit his blog so he can have a head start on his blog? :)

    • Well I haven’t really known you that long compared to my best friends, But I still consider you a friend.

      I’ll visit, just give me a link once he gets it going.

      • Thanks Sammy …
        But he’s going to write about video games on his site, so you may not be interested :D

        • :neutral: Why would you assume I don’t like video games?

          • Wait you do like video games? Pretty cool Sammy, I haven’t met a girl who enjoys video games.

            You also might find it interesting that I HATE Twilight (book series) & I almost never wear any make-up.

            • Okay I would know you wouldn’t like Twilight book series but I didn’t know you don’t wear make up. I like that, not soo much but fine with me.

              • Its not like a look terrible or anything just because I don’t wear it, *shrugs* I don’t really know I’ve just never really liked it I guess.

                • Sammy, do you believe in the unreal?
                  I met 3 dogs once and then the next day they are bloody dead.
                  Nooo Heads!

                  Remember when I got Poison Ivy from that forest I told you?
                  My friend and I were playing with 3D glasses, we heard something coming to us. My friend told me to go and he’ll be fine. Well hew wasn’t, he disappeared leaving his 3D glasses.

                  • I do believe in ‘paranormal’ (unreal). But, I am indeed no pushover by any means.

                    The dogs could have just been coincidence, and in fact both could have been just terribly unfortunate events. You didn’t tell me me anything to suggest that there was something paranormal involoved in what happened. I do feel sad for what happened to those poor dogs and your friends disappearance, but nothing to suggest paranormal happenings.

                    You were lucky your friend told you to go hide, if whatever or whoever was out there too that day hadn’t find at least one of you I guarantee it would have taken you both if you had stayed together.

                    I…I had a similiar experience once. My parents had taken me to a cook-out at one of my friends Dad’s house with a bunch of other children there. Most of them were 4-7 and one 12 year old. I was 7 or 8 at the time. And we decided to go into my dad’s friend’s backyard; which was all woods. And it stretched out even farther than that going on and out into a (at the time) harvested cornfield.

                    So we set off, I was in a group with all the other children (including the 12 yr old and some of the younger kids, it totaled up to about 4 or 5 in the group.) We had taken a path and had been in the woods for about 10 or 15 minutes and had just arrived at the path beginning right next to the cornfield, so we decided to head back. But the little children wanted to race each other to the end of the cornfield. So me and the 12 yr. old just sat and waited for the little kids to get back (they were in our sight the entire time.) and so they got to the end and raced each other back to us.

                    They got to us and then said we’ll race each other back to the house too. Me and the 12 yr. old decided to just walk because we were tired from walking. So the little children raced ahead, and they all got back fine too. But me and the 12 yr old heard something rustling the plants around us. We looked around but didn’t see anything and just as we’re about to start walking BOOM. I turn to my right and see the shadowy figure bigger than a bear but as fast as a cheetah about 30 ft. away race past us behind some thick trees.

                    I only caught a glimpse of it, but I still remember. We raced back after that not stopping for anything until we got back to the house, I told all the adults…but nobody believed us.

                    I’ve had other experiences as well, this one in particular though frightens me.

                    • The dogs were eaten by a big monster, me and one of my friends were chasing the dogs in the forest. We heard shuddering in a bush, the dogs went in that bush and 10 minutes later they walked at us with no head and fell down to the ground. Freaky!!!

                      My friend was taken by a Euatryeuiu (Metal Snake).
                      For some reason my friend came back and he is trying to find me.
                      How I know he was knocking on my door in the middle of the night. :(

                      The monsters I have seen was Were Wolves, Metal Snakes, spirits, Yeti’s and Wall hands.

                    • Sounds like quite a collection of sightings…I’m surprised you aren’t more into the paranormal than your blog content suggests.

                      A were-wolf? Or a very big wolf?

                      I’ve seen a spirit before…It looked just like the boy that was on your icon..only with slightly blonder hair.

                      I just realized that…

                    • A strong and big Were Wolf!!!

            • I hatee twilight and i always wear mascarra ;)

              =^.^= MEOW ITS A KITTY!!!!!!!!


          • Man!!! I play Modern Warfare 4 and Killzone 2.

  6. Who are you trying to talk to?? Or your not talking to anyway?

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