Chapter 1: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel”

“I could tell you a thousand times, and still feel wonderful.”

It was back in the days where people still felt a sense comradeship among the people with them. Back when you could still smile in public and have people not stare, back long ago when the world still felt anew and unexplored.

I scoured the booths, all the tables, I got myself some cotton candy, kettle corn, and I even tried to win a fish too. But, Momma said no…even though Dad thought it was a good idea. I’ll never forget, it was huge, bigger than my Dad’s big pick up truck tires, bigger than my older sister’s ego. It was the first Ferris Wheel I ever saw, I smiled enthusiastically. Big and wide, I was so excited. In fact I was so thrilled I dropped my cotton candy, which disheartened me a little for I loved that fluffly blue sugar. But the I backed up so I could take a better look at this enormous contraption.

I was there with my best friend (since the first grade in fact) Edward Brown, everyone at school or people who just knew him personally called him Eddy. My Momma giggled at my excitement, she told me and Eddy to take our tickets and go enjoy the ride. I was worried because they weren’t coming with us. But she told me that Eddy would be there with me and I had nothing to worry about, they’d be right down there watching us. And they were there, just as they promised.

“I could scream a thousand times, but you’d still love me.”

A stout looking man in his early forties came to clip our tickets, he smiled at us and opened the gate so we could get on. We rushed ahead to one of the carts. A friendly woman picked us an azure blue out of the rainbow of carts that were on this wonderous machine. She locked the gate and then we started going up…

-Chapter 2: Coming Tomorrow-

Comments? Always appreciated.



5 Responses to “Chapter 1: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel””

  1. i very enjoy all your writing type, very interesting,
    don’t give up and keep writing mainly because it just well worth to read it,
    excited to look at additional of your own writing, have a great day ;)

  2. Edward Mason was Edward Cullen’s name before he became a Cullen. . . x)

  3. Ya I wrote this., thank you. I’m glad somebody finally decided to comment on it. And I just came up with the name Edward Mason on the spot…what do you coincidence?

    I really want to publish a book someday, but first I have to get a good idea.

  4. Woah. Did you write this? If you did, you’re an amzing writer! Have you ever thought about publishing a book? And, is “Edward Mason” a coincidence? if, you know what I mean. . .

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