Chapter 2: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel”

I slumped excitedly on the cold metal, the sun was just about to go down. Making this a truly beautiful, wonderous sight to behold, I was in awe. My mouth slightly hung open and I looked at my friend Eddy, he was peering over the side looking down at all the people getting increasingly smaller and smaller. I looked over too, I could see my Momma waving at us and my Dad was looking up, squinting from the sunlight.

“I could tell you a thousand times, and still feel undoubtedly sick.”

It was a small fair, in fact it was made up of only two streets. There were plenty of things to do of course, but it all happened so fast. Since it was getting dark, only maybe 20 to 25 folks were left wandering about the fair, but apparently that was enough for them to make a scene. We were the only people on the Ferris Wheel at the time, I realize now that it wasn’t that big of a ride. But when you’re little, I suppose everything is bigger than it looks. The machine came to a rustic sounding stop, me and Eddy were at the highest point, the top of the Ferris Wheel.

I looked across to Eddy on the opposite side of the blue cart, I clenched the door tightly. “We-we’re pretty high up aren’t we?” I was afraid, but that should have been the least of my concerns. He glanced at me quickly, and then he looked down at the steel floor. “I-It…everyone l-looks so small down there.” he gasped. I wondered what was troubling him, no wind blew within the air it felt vacant and the sky was lit up of orange, yellows and pinks. The horizon greedily consuming the sun, faster and faster…I’m so very afraid of the dark. And now I know, that Eddy was afraid of heights and being up so far was terrifying him like a dog getting yelled at by his master.

“Loved you a thousand times more than anyone, but I hear only screams.”

But, the familiar sound of metal against pavement screeched faintly in my ear. I looked to my left and saw two white cars pull up, one was shining like the full moon the other was moderately dirty. It didn’t look to impressive compared to one next to it, the car looked even scummier compared to that beauty. Almost immediately they sprang out of their cars, they were all dressed in suits with black ties. A few had big fat cigars in their mouths and were puffing out smoke like chimneys. Everyone was staring at them; most of them looked very afraid, almost terrified.

-Chapter 3: Coming Tomorrow-

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2 Responses to “Chapter 2: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel””

  1. Thats good to hear Avery. C: My birthday is on the 22nd of November. :p LOL it was awhile ago, I suppose. I’m still tweeny too, but not so much. I could only be considered tweeny by older kids, but I don’t act that way.

  2. Sammy-

    Oh I am doing fine. :) Don’t want you worrying about me Sammy. When is your Birthday again? I just had mine….my last year of tween-ness :( LOL,

    OMG ITS AH KITTEH!—> =^.^= *meow* *go vist avery meow*


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