Chapter 3: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel”

I poked Eddy’s shoulder, he already had take notice of them. They had guns… small pistols, probably stolen from the Police Department or bought on the black market. They held one up to a man’s head, they weren’t looking  for money, trinkets, just lives. Not any sort of material possession. All they were searching for was a reputation, there was no reason behind their actions other than the apparent motive. I squinted me eyes to sharpen my sight, I almost let out a scream as I realized that the man was my father. 

“I screamed a thousand times, and cried a million tears.”

My friend and I were stuck at the top of the ride, we were little then, small enough to hide from their sight. They killed the little children first after the man they had taken. I crouched below the seat, sweat was dripping from my forehead into my eyes and my mouth, which stung them mercilessly. I was deathly scared, Eddy was still in his seat shaking all over and sweating like myself. I settled my tiny body under the seat, if we sat up we would have been spotted for no doubt in that, positioning myself in the most comfortable way as possible. Eddy was still shaking in his seat. My eyes widened in terror, I didn’t want to lose my best friend.

“Don’t leave me a thousand years in silence, I beg of you my forgotten memories.”

Not Eddy, he was a good guy, loyal, fantastic at sports, always willing to walk the extra mile if needed. And here he was…shaking in fear either from the height or the criminals. But probably both if I had to make a guess, the situation with his phobia didn’t help at all. I whispered, “Eddy!” I hissed at him. “Eddy!” His attention snapped back to me, I motioned for him to hide under his seat as well. Almost immediately he understood, “Slowly…” I whispered. “So they don’t hear you.” He nodded his head, and quietly snuck under the seat.

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11 Responses to “Chapter 3: “Quiet Now Ferris Wheel””

  1. You said you didn’t SEE them. NOT that you don’t feel like commenting.

  2. I have been seeing these new ferris wheel posts. Sorry I haven’t commented.

  3. ohh, okie dokie :)

  4. It’ll be updated on Thursday, promise! I only post every two days to avoid crowding, ya know? C:

  5. oh! how scary! Can’t wait for tomorrows!

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