Down to Florida

I’m heading down to Florida for the weekend, I won’t be able to get on the internet that much. Mostly because the house we’re staying at doesn’t get internet and you have to go down to the Coffee Shop to get logged on and it costs 4 dollars an hour. I’ll update the story if I can, I’ll see you all when I get back.

Ta-Ta for now!

Comments? Always appreciated.


9 Responses to “Down to Florida”

  1. We’ll miss you! Have fun :)

  2. have fun! ive never been to florida, is it nice? I know they make juice. send me some florida! but you dont know my address unless you are a stalker.. :O

    • They make juice in Florida? Its the sunshine state, but they are always associated with oranges…hmm. I don’t know sorry Webbie. And its only nice when its warm. C:

  3. Haha It’s just a coincident or it’s a fate between us. When I couldn’t online, you always came to my blog. But now, when I have been able to do it, you are the one who can’t online. Beside, I want to answer all of your questions…(Hm, your tons of question) haha

  4. love ya girlie!!! Have loads of hot, warm sun!! (save me a piece of sun, ;) ) I heart you,


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