I’m Back!/Realization

Smiles everyone I’m back! Florida wasn’t that great, it has been only in the low 60’s down there and I went to the beach in long jeans and a sweatshirt. But for the most part it was alright I suppose… I’m happier than usual can you tell? You wanna know why? Because I have successfully entered and exited Florida with my hearing intact (plane), the old people smell wore away, and most of all I didn’t get a tan!

Can’t stand getting tan, I burn like an egg on frying pan.


apic141.jpg image by Big_Jdk3
And I am so glad to be back! I get on the internet everyday, and being without you guys for a whole four days really made me realize that you guys keep my sanity in tact, thank you! From the top of my heart you guys are the best, but not the bottom because the base of things usually touch the disgusting floor and get soiled with grease from the ground, thank you all. C:
Comments? Always appreciated.

8 Responses to “I’m Back!/Realization”

  1. Nice to have you back. Planes aren’t that loud lol. Try being on one for 16 hours (in flight) and then talk to me about hearing troubles. I would go insane without my blog, so I totally get what you’re saying there. Even when I don’t have a connection, I write something haha. I’m too addicted to stop now.
    So what were you down there for?
    How was it, exactly?
    What did you do all day?
    Did you work on your story while you were down there?
    And people think I’m not a good journalist. I come up with interviews quite nicely I think. Lol. But really, your avid readers want to know.

    • Yeah I’ve missed you too, but you commented early on my blog.
      I missed you a lot, you know you’re going to be my future assistant.
      If I get about 100,000 views and I know how to get in contact with people. I will choose my own college and I will get paid :)

    • Nice to be back. C: Blah, no. I guess I didn’t explain that very well. What I really hate about planes is the pressure that it puts on your ears and the ‘popping’ of said ears. I can’t stand it! But it wasn’t so bad after awhile, except my left ear didn’t pop until the plane ride HOME. xD

      Thats smart of you to write something, because sometimes I’m at a loss for what to write. So planning ahead is always good.

      I was down there for absolutely NO reason at all. My mom just felt like going, but we did see my grandma ( <3 ) while we were down there. It was cold, but it DID get warmer sometimes, I would have liked to explore the local shops more. So that was a little dissapointing…Mostly I stayed home all day. xD But on Saturday my grandma took me and my sister to The Bubble Room ( BEST RESTAURANT EVER, atmosphere-wise+the food okay ). Sadly I didn't, should have. Would have given me something to do…actually I just sit down and type when I wrote those chapters. I can honestly say the idea just came to me and started writing. Same thing for all the chapters.

      Thats all, dang I'm kinda boring. XD

      • Oh that would suck! I had a migraine from two hours before my plane left, until the day after I arrived. Which meant that I technically had a migraine for three days (because of the time changes), but it was only 27 hours for me.
        It’s good to see your grandparents every once in a while, so it’s goo that you got to go. My grandpa is pretty boring haha, so I understand where you’re coming from.
        That’s how writing is for me. My cousin will spend weeks and weeks planning things out, only to write about 20 pages of a story and then move on to another. I just write as I go, it makes things more interesting that way.

      • Exactly! A more feeling of ‘living in the moment’.

  2. Avery! Baw I missed you too! *hugs*

  3. yay glad u r bak sammy!!! missed u girl! I love ur posts so i missed them these last 4 days…. :( love ya

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