I’ll be doing a series of short stories and poetry like this first installment, they will all be named Contemplation so look out for the next few coming up! Please enjoy. C:

Just keep going on walking,
keep going on talking,
On and on, no 
more no less,
Just keep going

But I know what you are,
Your clothes, location, car,
just another simple face,
Another glance in
another place,

Another step in the endless sidewalk,
artist with a piece of chalk,
Another guitar string
Another poor child’s mind

Another dollar inside rich men’s pocket,
forgotten photo inside a locket,
Another piece of
breathing, living dust,
Alas another fence meant to 
someday rust.”


Comments? Always appreciated.



11 Responses to “Contemplation-1”

  1. I am going to see 9 in blue ray today!!!! (From Netflix) Aha! :)

  2. well nothing that is unexceptable in poetry, i meant. nothing like “I aint got no idea why you is here”

  3. where are the mistakes? i cant see them

  4. This is good. There’s a few grammatical mistakes here and there but overall it’s nice. One question though. Why did you bold words in each line?

    • I think I see one, but I think th ‘no’ was supposed to be an ‘on’. Oops. AND to fully understand that last part Willow you have to read each of the bold terms in the chronological order. C:

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