7 Month Blog Anniversary!

I just realized that it’s the 5th of March today. I created my blog on August 5th, making this my blogs official 7 month anniversary. I hope all you with blogs reading will stay with WordPress as long as I have and even longer if possible. C:

Comments? Always appreciated.



6 Responses to “7 Month Blog Anniversary!”

  1. Cool. You know, people’s intrests change. Mine’s went from Neopets to Webkinz and then FarmVille.

  2. Oh, I don’t think you’d remember her…But she had a site called: http://www.roseswebkinzchat.wordpress.com

    But then supposed “DRAMA” came up and she quit.

    A few months later she created a new blog, which has since been quite inactive. She was a good friend, we met through her blog when I was still into Webkinz.


  3. Congrads :) What blog was Rose’s?

  4. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well look at my header!!!! it is so LOL ! I AM SOOO PROUD OF U SAM! U R MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U LASTED LONGER THEN MOST OF US COMBINED!!! lol love u girl

  5. SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE A CONTEST…. JK :D

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