Has anybody ever actually thought about the concept of dying? What is dying? You’re just gone, its eternal blackness I suppose. If you believe in an after-life theres more to it than that, but what if theres not? You’re six feet below, buried in a massive burial ground for others that have also become like you (probably before you). There is mourning for a few years at most but then, you’re just left forgotten once those who knew you have moved on or also succumbed to death.

Its a wave of terrifying thoughts isn’t it? To know that where you’ve been is being owned and tread on by others now. Panics sweep through you most likely, if you think about it hard enough. Your heart races, you begin to sweat, and you have chills run down your spine. Do you fear death? What my understanding is its only feared because death is unknown. We don’t want to experience the unknown, it terrifies you doesn’t it?

Comments? Always appreciated.



21 Responses to “Contemplation-2”

  1. Agreed, by a horrifying thing to think about! I think about it all the time! Constantly! I’d like to really know what Haven and Hell are REALLY like. I doubt there are actually streets of gold and intense heat. . . Hm, I guess I wont know for a time.

  2. A small (18 months) babe just died today :'( she had cancer, stage 4, so sad

  3. I am really scarred of death because 1) if there is an afterlife I might not go to the ‘heaven’ part 2) if there aisn’t, then what is going to happen? When the world ends people will just leave me? Forget who I was and what I did? I think this a wonderful topic for a post, because it’s one of those things that is on everybody’s mind, but like an un-written rule you never talk about it. I asked my parents if they are afraid of death and they said “We are deathly afraid of death”. I laughed, but I really didn’t like that they were laughing about it. Anywho this is wierd because yesturday I was SURE that aliens were going to come and opperate on me and if I told anyone today then an invasion of earth will begin. It’s one of my many crazes: aliens…

    • I’m scared if there is a God that I won’t get into heaven either…I’m not exactly the best person in the world and I know it, trust me.

      That joke isn’t funny, well it was clever I’ll give them that. But under no circumstance was it that funny.

      I’m a total freak about aliens. I love anything to do with aliens, mostly just learning about them…I would never want to be experimented on or anything. D8 Thats strange that you thought that was going to happen, why today?

      Oh and a show is being brought back on Nickolodean for March only that you might like, since you’re interested with aliens, Invader ZIM. If you have direct TV it should be on channel 154.

  4. Hey Sam have you seen the blog of the day page on FarmVilleValley? If you go there and sign up your website you can get lots of free visiters.

  5. While your body may stop living, energy never dies. Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, the energy that once made YOU is now doing something else. It has moved on, into a new form.
    I think reincarnation does happen. I’m sure that this is not my first time “visiting” earth, and I’m sure it will not be my last. And think about it, where do “souls” come from? Is there a reservoir of souls somewhere that someone reaches into and puts a new soul into a new body? But then what happens to the old souls? Do they just go and sit in another reservoir? Surely those must be being used also. They don’t just sit there for eternity; our solar system wouldn’t allow it.

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on this. I thought I had clicked the “follow” button on your blog a while ago, but I never saw anything from you so I finally decided to check in. I clicked the “follow” button again, so you should be hearing more from me.

    • Well said Willow! Bravooo!

    • Actually that comment can be followed up with a bit of science! For all energy that you use or displace, the same energy is always returned. Well if you got the whole religion thing going for you, my family is Christian, then I think all the souls go up to heaven, and stay there with God until they decide to come back to Earth or something.

      I too, have always believed in reincarnation or past lives. I have this sadness that has always seemed to haunt me, though I was never sure why. I’ve never had anything ever happen to me that would me make me feel so forlorn and such. I feel like, I don’t know…that I’ve been here before.

      And its fine, at least you took the time to comment. C:

      • But then where are all of those new souls coming from? I mean, yes new ones HAVE to be made because our population is too large to not have new souls, but surely the old one’s must come back. And then there are all the ghosts. They come back but in the wrong form.

      • I don’t see ghosts as coming back, I see them more as stuck. Unable to start over again because of something that has happened to them. Soemthing thats keeping them here.

        Well technically in Christianity I think that whenever someone is born that they each get a new soul. But I’ve always belived in reincarnation.

    • Sorry, I don’t know why I said “come back.” That’s not what I meant at all lol.
      I don’t technically practice a religion, but I’ve always believed in reincarnation. It makes sense that a spirit would be able to come back in another form/ life. Why not? If they can go and spend eternity in Heaven/Hell, then surely they must be able to return to Earth also, if they want.

  6. thanks so much sam! (i read all ur comments on my blog….you are the only one who comments :( ^.^ )

  7. I didn’t take the picture, I just found it on Google Images.

  8. Yeah and you deserve it. C:

  9. I am soo not scared. I know where I’m going ;)

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