Rainbow Roses

Amazing right? Before you say anything, yes they are real

Invented by Peter van der Werken, the owner of a flower company close to Den Bosch, Holland, Rainbow Roses look like they’ve been seriously modified in programs like Adobe Photoshop. But, they are actually the result of careful flower engineering. Dye is inserted into the stem of the rose as it’s growing, and the petals simply absorb it. Sounds easy enough, but it’s a very difficult process.

Sadly, you can’t buy rainbow rose bushes, only cut, or dried flowers. And even those come at quite a large price for a flower. Five cut rainbow roses sell for $55 and two dozens cost up to $325.





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8 Responses to “Rainbow Roses”

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  2. Those are cool! Hey, do you mind making a post for my blog? I really want to get some hits :)

  3. They look like cupcakes! :lol:

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