My Mom’s Engaged

A little late to tell you all officially, although some of you already may know *cough* Willow *cough*. The date has not been set yet, but Marty bought her a pretty nice diamond and she’s seems really happy about it. Well, why wouldn’t she right? My mom told us last Friday just before we had to head out for school, but we were closed for fog that day. Thats all.

*Also, we just got 7,000 views! 8D Thank you guys!

Comments? Always appreciated.



38 Responses to “My Mom’s Engaged”

  1. wow sammy, u r so brave!

  2. Averygirl101 Says:

    hey did u read my last post?

  3. Averygirl101 Says:

    A TUX???? U R A LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMW! jk jk i will look fine :)

  4. deealmester Says:

    Sami, happy for your Mom, but remember you have a wonderful Dad, and a loving family, I especially love you so much. I wish you could write about happier events, it all sounds so sad. Miss you lots, will be home end of April from Florida.

  5. happy st. pattys day

  6. Wow, sam. This is SO cool! U should take pic of ur dress! Wish i could be there with u, but u live in ohio :(

  7. He’s…alright. He’s pretty nice.

  8. Wait where do you live again? What state I mean.

    • Ohio. The state of nothingness, really. Nothing happens here. :p

      • Oh-kay. I thought you lived up here in Washington for some odd reason and I know a Marty who oddly enough seems to have developed a certain girlfriend. I thought it was your mom, but clearly it was not. If it were, I would tag team with you to keep them apart haha.

      • Haha! Thats VERY coincedental. Thats so strange, maybe the world is smaller than we originally thought. xD

      • Hahaha, if it really had been you though, that would’ve been hilarious. We would’ve stared having a conversation like there wasn’t any problem when we met. And we’re technically cousins even, so it’d be perfect! I wouldn’t let your mom go through with the wedding though. Believe me, you would want to kill yourself if she married the Marty I know.

      • That would be so cool if we got to meet each other someday. And the Marty I know ISN’T bad…I just don’t really picture ME living with in his house.

        I’ve been in the house I’m living at currently for 9 years, I can’t imagine living any where else.

    • The longest I’ve ever lived in one place was seven years at my old house. I’m glad to be out of there.
      Lol I don’t know if you would like me in person. Especially since I’d be trying to cause havoc while we were together. But it would be for your own good so that’s ok haha. The guy I’m talking about is awful, so I’d be doing you a favor if I intervened. Re-marrying is a weird thing. I’m glad neither of my parents did, because my sister and I are seriously against it and we’d have some problems.

    • Why did you stop flattering me? Silly! lol

      • Oh well…I dunno. Hmm, lets see…You have good writing skills, you garden, you’re nice, excellent taste in literature, your blog is running quite well, :) and etc.

        Much happiness ensues does it not?

      • Lol. Oh stop you’re too kind. But you forgot my good looks and killer charm. Hahaha, just kidding. I’m not good looking or charming. I’m rather dull if I do say so myself. And I’m conceded as all get out. I even get tired of talking about myself all the time, and yet I continue to do so…

  9. do you like him? is he nice? oh i am so happy for you!

  10. What? Marty is my mom’s boyfriend.

  11. Was that a joke about Willow and Marty, hehehehe.

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