Contemplation-2: Poetry

My sweetest Guidance I can not look upon you,
Point to right directions but you send all askew,
You reek that of a demon’s breath & cage The,
False Guidance it is you that forces thou to agree,

Without consent wrapped here through Illusion’s chain,
As thoughts of you boil, burn, & haunt thy brain,
But! Forced to restrain all shrieked howling indifference,
Others by purest chance only fear for false Guidance,

Then strolls in, but not parades dearest lovely Cellophane,
Delight does he in light-heartened dances around thy brain,
Skipping through embraced with a love song’s lyrical joys,
But while the dark reeking Mistress false Guidance destroys,

Cellophane army defense against the dark lady Mistress,
All meaningless thoughts cease with thy fools distress,
Where? Is the little fall of rain I begged & wished for?
Where? Are thou’s Cellophane window pane love stored?

Never recalled time exist with bee’s honey & candied love,
Dearest Cellophane, Guidance reigns from so far above,
Cradle the frailness of my frame, I’m not to survive longer,
Try to escape the unsavory Actor that is the Answer,

Rather I be with my clear dearest Cellophane grounded,
Than trapped by dark Lady false Guidance beat & belted,
With bruised conscious & mentality I know your love,
The false Dark Lady adores all, with the hard snap of gloves,

Cellophane steal thou away & keep me every other day,
You cannot tirelessly battle the dark Lady but always I pray,
Her’s till you & your valiant steed come to my tower & aid,

But another looks through quickened sparks of the fire,
Thou’s companion lovely Mercury & although a possible liar,
My poisoned Mercury preaches to the choir of that is dire,
Cellophane may dance along you invite me to conspire,

How much sugar desired to your tea? I ask dear Mercury,
Similar to Cellophane but additional burnt bulk of tree,
‘Race with me.’ I say, before dissolved by Guidance’s hate,
Hand by hand all three together, before into woods we flee,

And evaporate.

Comments? Always appreciated.



4 Responses to “Contemplation-2: Poetry”

  1. No I was being a little geeky.

  2. Also, since you brought up plants I will show my memory about plants.
    Each cell is made of parts that help it grow and reproduce. A plant cell usually has a cell wall, membrane, nucleus, chloroplasts, and cytoplasm.

    Animal cells are a little different from plant cells: They do not have chloroplasts or a cell wall, but they still have the membrane, nucleus, and cytoplasm.

    Plants and animals can be made of different numbers of cells. Organisms made of only one cell are called single-celled organisms. Single-celled organisms, such as the amoeba, must work as a single unit to carry out all life processes.

    Organisms made out of many cells are called multi-cellular organisms. Multi-celled organisms, such as humans, are complex organisms made of more than one cell type.

    In multi-cellular organisms, cell are organized into more complex systems. The organization of cells is as follows:

    groups of cells organize together to make up tissues
    groups of tissues organize together to make up organs
    groups of organs organize together to make up organ systems
    groups of organ systems make up an organism

    In a multi-celled organism, each cell type has a specific, specialized function or job important to the organism’s total functionality.

  3. Dang! This is the longest post I have ever sen from you Sammy, ;)

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