Rough Days, Sleepless Nights

People truly are like this. Although some actually bear ‘nicier’ and more pleasant qualities. But only sometimes and alas sadly, these do not flow through the entire population. Have a nice day.

Oh and mind the word “Gay” in there, people use that terminology as a deragatory term often where I’m from. I don’t like the way its used nowadays, it is supposed to mean; to be happy. But, I’m just throwing some irony in there, using their own incorrect use of their adapted vulgar language. Its not meant to offend anyone I assure you.

Comments? Always appreciated.



4 Responses to “Rough Days, Sleepless Nights”

  1. Sammy, what kind of Alternative rock has Knives and Pens have to do. Trust me that’s not alternative rock, that is hard rock. Look I will post the video and believe me everybody is going to agree with me.

    • You can be very ignorant sometimes you know that? Thats Alternative Rock, and knives and pens have everything to do with “emo people” to put it simplest of terms undertandable.

      • Oh I wasn’t trying to be ignorant, I was just questionable how you got the information that song is alternative? Did somebody tell you? Did you look it up online? Will you give me the link?

        I like the song and I have heard of this band.

  2. I’ve had that problem too, except they add some fights and bad words to it. But now I am trying to make peace and it’s working, though there is this boy (8 years old) he thinks he can do whatever he wants since the president is black, (Which he was a black). It just goes back to my Obama post about racist and religion :?

    Though, he has 3 brothers who are totally messed up. :)

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