My Beliefs-Stamp Forms

Internet stamps, that describe me very well in some aspects.

EDIT: Someone found my blog today using the search term ‘motorized cart old people’, isn’t humanity so sensible?






Comments? Always appreciated.



20 Responses to “My Beliefs-Stamp Forms”

  1. where did u get those stamps

  2. ya…. tomboys r cool :) the boys like them better ;) LOL

  3. Haha I love the ones on the far top right, the first two rows. Both of them are really good.
    And then one about the sparkly vampires is SOOOO true.
    I don’t understand what the bottom-middle one is trying to say though.

    • haha, thanks. I’m all for equalism, I can’t stand when people make assumptions about you just because you’re a boy or a girl, or anything in between.

      I thought the vampire was pretty spot on, I can’t believe all the attention Meyer has gotten for the series; Twilight. I read all the books, tried to like it, but just couldn’t find anything that good in it. Plus the writing style, along with terrible grammer, just made the book to 3rd grader to read. And yes, Vampires don’t sparkle when they’re in the sun, THEY BURN.

      Oh and the worst case scenario one is just sort of saying I like to be prepared for anything and everything. I’m a tinsy bit paraniod.

      • Omg I HATE Twilight. The story isn’t good, the romance isn’t good, and the fantasy of it is HORRIBLE. You mean to tell me that vampire don’t go into sunlight because they SPARKLE? UGH, who told her that was a good idea? They must’ve been cracked out.
        Huh. That’s a weird way of saying it.

      • Weird way of saying what?

  4. Wow. This is getting good. *grabs a large popcorn and a large diet pepsi*

  5. Awwwwwwwww Pikachu is SO cute :) I want one 2 :)

  6. Pikachu describes u best?

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