My Avatar-Updated

Oh hey! Look at that, it’s me. Well… in a way, it is sort of what my outer appearance conjures up to look like. I made it up on this one site I came across a few days ago, nothing better to talk about so I thought: “I mine as well post this.”. If you want to make your own, tell me and I’ll see if I can find it again. But I’m not gonna put it up if nobody’s interested. Enjoy.

By the way, Happy Day of Fools.

Comments? Always appreciated.



16 Responses to “My Avatar-Updated”

  1. That looks really cool Sammy. :)

  2. Don’t advertise, please.

  3. now it looks good :) ps *if i were you, i would just go bloack hi, since he keeps bothering you ;) *

  4. awesome haha we almost have the same glasses :)

  5. What nationality are you? You weren’t born in the US were you?

    • Hahahaha! Good one Willow!

    • :p Sorry I have a very crappy computer moniter, the colors are all messed up. Reds look the same as blacks, the blues and greens are messed up, etc.

      But my nationality, I was born in the US. And I’m supposed to be whit skinned, but I was just hoping on a whim that these would be the correct colors for my face.

      I’m SUPPOSED to have white skin (or tannish, never really knew why we were called ‘whites’. Are skin isn’t exact;y white at all, either way my skin has a very fair tone) My eyes are supposed to be blue, and my hairs supposed to be blonde.

      I’ll fix it later, my dad has a good moniter and I’ll just redo it.

    • No I honestly wanted to know. Because you speak Russian or something else right? I was just wondering if you were born in the US or if you moved here from a different country. I didn’t mean it as an insult or a joke, and I’m sorry that someone else perceived it that way.

      • That last comment was directed at the Andrew thing.

        The colors appear right. You have blonde hair and fair skin and dark eyebrows (according to the image). I just wanted to know what your second language was, because I thought you mentioned that you spoke something else. But maybe I’ve officially lost my mind; it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Hm, really? But no. I don’t speak another language, although I would like to learn French. Yep, born in the US. And its fine, although it should have not been comphrehended that way.

      • Oh good. I can officially say I’ve lost my mind. I could’ve sworn you said something in a comment somewhere about how you spoke Russian or something like that… But, guess not. Oh well. Sorry for all of the trouble that little question caused.

      • No, I don’t think I mentioned anything about something russian…

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