Easter Bunny Origins?

In Christianity, Easter marks the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. So is anybody else confused how anybody related a giant rabbit that, somehow, lays multicolored eggs to Easter? How or why, did this even come to be? Prick at your brains no longer, for I am here to rescue you from, your dark and lonely dungeon that is your brain not knowing useless facts.

Many hundreds of years ago, Pagan cultures held spring festivals. One of these festivals was dearly devoted to Eostre, the goddess of dawn. Eostre was linked to the hare (rabbit, bunny, etc. whatever you like to call it) and the egg, both a symbol of fertility.

Christian missionaries, on their journey of conversions, and in an attempt to convert the Pagan population, began to turn traditionally Pagan festivals into Christian holidays by merging the Pagan traditions with their own. The Germans converted the Pagan rabbit into ‘Oschter Haws’, a rabbit that laid a bountiful nest of brightly colored eggs as gifts for all the good children.

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23 Responses to “Easter Bunny Origins?”

  1. whoa…………did you block him??????

  2. Wow. Drama Queen. I now I don’t feel the need to say no offense.

  3. A little crazy in the head, eh? (andrew, no offense!!! ^.^)

  4. mine???? Okay………..

  5. yup :) Thanks God!!! Mommy wasn’t mad at all! SHE LAUGHED!!!!!

    Me *crying* “Mom, *sniff*, I melted my headgear!!!! *wah!!*”

    Mom “LOL LOL HAHAHAHAH CHUCKLE!!!! GIGGLE!!!!!!, how did you melt it??”

    Me- “Ummmm it was your strightener”

    Mom “Oh.” *no more laughter.*

    :) lol it all ended good anyways :)

  6. guess what. Yup, I melted my headgear with a strightening iron. :( not on purpose!!! My mother is going to kill me!!!! Oh, please pray she won’t!

  7. Sammy, remember the other blog I showed you? I post on that blog everyday, just to keep you on track. :)

  8. Easter Eve! yay! Sammy, where’d you make the avatar thingy from the other post?

  9. Thank you for sharing this!!!! :) Not a lot of people are willing to say this. :)

  10. you did mention the eggs, i know, i just was adding my thoughts!

  11. Interesting. Do you know the story of the eggs? I think it was, after the bunny thing had been established, a little girl was in her barn, and a rabbit was hopping away from a nest of eggs. so she thought the rabbit left them.
    that is at least what i heard.
    ALSO, where did you make the avatar thingy?

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