My Favorite Foods

Hey did you guys know that yesterday someone used the term ‘plane for old people’ to find my blog? Haha, who keeps linking elderly people to me is what I want to know. This is the second time something for old people has led someone here.

Anyways, theses are my all time favorite food listed in order. One through five, one being the greatest.

1. Smores

2. Pears

3. Pizza

4. Chocolate

5. Babies (chill, it’s a joke.)

Comments? Always appreciated.



19 Responses to “My Favorite Foods”

  1. Lol who doesn’t like those foods?
    If you eat eggs, you eat babies.

  2. So who is this Ajikinai???

  3. damn….. i am the stupid one…….. i am so sorry !!1

    • No, no no its okay. I knew who Ajikinai already was, but at least you have an excuse. xD

      I mean even if your misconception was unintentional, we all make the mistakes. LEARN FROM THEM YA! >8D

  4. Or am I wrong*

  5. I thought Ajikinai? Or and I wrong? Sorry……….

  6. Andrew, she isn’t real.

    • who isn’t real?

    • Dude, Ajikinai is a real person. He is in College, he’s 18 and he does a lot of things. Ajikinai is not a she, it’s a he. If you want to be talking about girl Indonesians go to Fiya.

      Sammy, I wasn’t saying the last comment in the angry way. I was saying it in the cool way. Avery, you still think I am weird just say it out loud. I won’t get mad… :)

  7. Also, do you like sweet or sour babies? I like them sweet………………..

  8. babies? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!! LOL love you girl!!! chocolate is my #2 and pizza #1

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