Les Miserables-Now Reading

I got a new book for Easter everybody! It’s the exact kind of serious reading material that my mind has just been begging for, Les Miserables and nonetheless written by such a great man by the name of Victor Hugo. I haven’t gotten that far into the book yet, but I am now just starting book two (Part Two: ‘The Fall’) and I was pleasantly surprised that in the beginning of the novel it started out with the story of Monseigneur Bienvenu, a bishop.

Great read so far. And no, I’m taking the higher road and reading the unedited and unabridged copy. I’ thinking of putting a sidebar up with my progress, the story is over 1,000 pages you know. Is that something you’d be interested in?

Comments? Always appreciated.


3 Responses to “Les Miserables-Now Reading”

  1. Nice book Sammy, though I haven’t heard about it. I still think it might e a wonderful book.

    Hey guess what I am reading right now? The Hobbit! Soon I will read Percy Jackson the Olympian! :D

    • Its great so far, but really long. Over 1,000 pages no joke.

      I say the movie for Percy Jackson and the Olympians. But let me tell you a little secret…the daughter of Athena IS A LIE.

      The Goddess Athena never had children, she was 1 of the three virgin goddesses, nor did she ever have a love interest.

      • I read William Shakespeare and it is 1322 pages long! So I have a unnecessary right to believe you.

        Let me tell YOU a little secret. I really haven’t heard of Athena, or have I? Okay I know she was one of the three virgin goddesses. But the rest sounds new. :)

        Um Sammy with your permission, will you please go to my blog and copy the same comments you put on for the other blog to my old blog. Meaning say the same things you said on the other blog and comment on the posts commented on. With your permission can I give you the link to the posts?

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