Blue People?

This is not a joke, I repeat not a joke. These are the blue people of Troublesome Creek, they have a skin pigment disorientation that causes their skin to have a blue tint. You’re probably wondering how these people came to be right guys? Well it all started with Martin Fugate who managed to find and marry a woman with the same genes, they lived in the side of a mountain for many generations and the children often married their own siblings.

Not all Martin Fugate and Elizabeth Smiths offspring had blue skin, as you can see in the genetics chart. I heard about them in science class and thought it was interesting enough to share with all of you. Isn’t it strange? But yet, fascinating?

9 Responses to “Blue People?”

  1. i think it would be creepy, i want to be pink :)

  2. Interesting. But really, is being blue fun? Kind of reminds me of the Smurfs back in the day. Lol.

  3. We read about these people in science class. I think it’d be fun to be blue.

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