F.M.W.- “My Neighbor Totoro”

Favorite Movie Week (F.M.W.).

Okay, to all who haven’t seen this movie, shame on you. It is the single cutest movie ever made, I mean just look at these guys? It’s a real feel good movie, released in ’93 by Hayao Miyazaki, the best most talented animated film director. Again if you haven’t seen it, I urge you to pick up a copy, though it does have a sad undertone atop all the cute and happiness.

Please note that animation is adorably fluffy and may cause “Aw'”-ing overdose.

Fav. Characters (In Order): Totoro, Mei, Cat Bus, and Satsuki.




Two children discover a fascinating new world inhabited by Totoros, amazing, charming creatures who become their friends. Some are big, some are small, but all of them are furry, lovable and ready to do wondrous, magical things…

Satsuki and her little sister, Mei, are taken by their father, Professor Kusakabe, to live in the country. One day, Mei gets lost in the forest near her home, where she discovers a family fluffy creatures, she calls Totoro. Adults cannot see these Totoros, who befriend the children, when Satsuki lends one an umbrella. He returns the favor by growing them a tree with magic acorns and taking them on a magical ride through the countryside.

One day, Mei resolves to visit her mother, who is in the hospital, and take a gift to her, but, gets lost on the way. Fearing the worst, the adults send out search parties, and a distraught Satsuki goes to the Totoros’ for help…

Comments? Always appreciated.



13 Responses to “F.M.W.- “My Neighbor Totoro””

  1. I lovee this moviee. Film of my childhood, haha.

  2. Don’t mention it

  3. Hey Sasammygirl I added you to my blogroll at FVV.

  4. this sounds like the cutest film ever :) the characters look adorable!!

  5. aawwwwwwwwww CAT BUS! gotta love em cat bus :)

  6. Why haven’t you come over more often? I have posts coming left and right. Just asking… not in mean way. :)

  7. -I’m curious if this movie stirred up trouble with any Asian anti-defamation league. Because it’s certainly no Joy Luck Club when it comes to honest portrayals of Chinese people. I have to say, a little part of me dies every time I see an Asian person ordering a Chinese Chicken Salad (putting mandarin oranges on something doesn’t automatically make it Chinese. I’m more Chinese than a Chinese Chicken Salad and I’m Irish). Seeing James Hong, an actual Chinese-American actor, do an overly stereotypical Chinese accent as the villain was even more embarrassing than the salad dilemma.

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